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Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro Driver

ASUS/ASmobile - A7MD Motherboard Tyan Computers - Thunder iRD (SD-1U) Tyan Computers - Thunder K8QS Pro (S). ASUS/ASmobile A7MD Motherboard,. ASUS/ASmobile . Tyan Computers Thunder K8QS Pro (S),. Tyan Computers Thunder K8QSD Pro (SD). ASUS I/O IO SHIELD BLENDE BRACKET P8HM PRO .. BIOS CHIP TYAN Thunder K8S PRO (S), Thunder K8SD PRO (SD). You will need a BIOS CHIP TYAN Thunder K8QS PRO (S), Thunder K8QSD PRO (SD).

Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro Drivers (2019)

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178 (3.68)
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Supported systems: Windows 7/8/10, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.X
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Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro Driver

What better place for a silent machine than the recording studio? For video, we used a relatively low-end card see the on-line Resources. We'd really like to start putting interesting and innovative video on Ultimate Linux Boxes, but there are still some issues with the drivers see sidebar.

Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro Driver

Thermal Management Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro how do we keep this thing cool? First of all, it's important not to start tweaking with hardware combinations unless you know how to measure the effects that your changes have on the system's temperature. Don't change anything unless you know how to measure the effect of the change.

Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro Driver for Windows Mac

The good news is that the processor and motherboard vendors thoughtfully give us temperature sensors right on the key parts. We didn't have to measure drive temperature because we moved the drives to a separate enclosure, but smartmontools see Resources gives you an easy way to do that.

We ordered up some parts from Zalman, which offers a beautiful set of water-cooling hardware. The most visible part is the Reserator 1, a combined water reservoir Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro radiator that stands half a meter tall and holds 2. Besides the Reserator, we also ordered one CPU waterblock per processor and matching tubing. Thermal estimates showed that we wouldn't need a full Reserator per processor, so we used one Reserator per two processors and one for the power supply.

The Reserator comes with a 5W pump, which would break our beautiful silence, so it Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro time to convert it to operate purely by convection.

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In its stock configuration, the Reserator's inlet and outlet are close to each other, so we installed a tube inside each Reserator, running from the hot inlet to near the top. What's that in your cubicle, Justin?

Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro the power supply was a little harder. Zalman's beefiest fanless power supply is only W, and a big four-way board needs more. We decided not to design and build a power supply for the project, since it's important to apply power to components in the right order, and we know PC Power and Cooling solved that problem for us.

The cooling problem remained. Enter the magic of metalworking. Phil brought the problem to a machine shop called Global Precision, and we had them do three pieces of work. They machined down Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro original fins of the power supply's heat sinks to create flat areas for attaching waterblocks.

Quad Processor Mobos [H]ard Forum

They made the waterblocks themselves—using blue anodized aluminum to match the Zalman parts. And they made two custom Y-connectors to split the water flow between the two heat sinks. We removed the fan control board from the Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro supply. We didn't need it any more. Case Cases capable of accommodating and doing justice to Ultimate Linux Boxes are rare.

This year, only one alternative would work: This year's case has acrylic windows to show off the cooling system, integrated supports for the three Reserators and a mounting place for the RME Multiface. Look, everybody, Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro leaks! Justin sets up for the cover photo shoot photo: Conclusion Difficult as it might be for us to believe right now, many real-world systems don't need both channel audio and Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro Channel. But unusual combinations of hardware are what enable creative projects, and we're happy that Linux stays out of our way and lets us hook up what we want.

When you start with what's possible and take out what you don't need, you'll be confident that you can build a machine for your needs.

New Drivers: Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro

We hope that whatever class of system you decide to build, you'll get some ideas out of this year's Ultimate Linux Box. Custom-designed and machined by Global Precision.

Quad Processor Mobos

New products Tyan Thunder K8QS(D) Pro we'd like to try in the Ultimate Linux Box come out right when we're in the middle of building this year's. Too late to make it through our thermal testing, AMD introduced dual-core Opteron processors, which let you build an eight-way system on an existing four-socket motherboard with a BIOS upgrade. We know patience is a virtue, but booting in mere seconds is cool for its own sake.

This year's system sounded so nice that we'd like to do another quiet machine next year.

That means we have to pick a storage technology, and added to next year's list of alternatives will be ATA over Ethernet, as covered in Ed Cashin's article in the June issue.

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