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TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat Driver

4 Great dancing games for Sony PlayStation2 a dance mat 1 Dancing Stage Euromix 2 Dancing Stage Fever 3 Dancing Stage Party edition 4 Superstar dance. Results 1 - 48 of 95 - PS2 Dance Mat & Game - Dance Factory (Sony PlayStation 2, ) .. Thrustmaster Dance Mat For XBox Original + Dancing Stage. : Start dropshipping business to dropship Wireless Dance Pad Motion Sensing Game Yoga Mat.

Driver: TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat

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TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat Driver

TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat Driver

I cut TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat middle layer into four sections which formed a cross shaped channel when the pieces were spread out to align with the edges of the base. This made a convenient place to run wiring that would then be concealed beneath the fixed center square and corner pieces.

It really didn't have to be this complex but the mat was made on TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat budget and I wanted to re-use materials that I already had. I scaveneged four tactile tact switches from the control panel of an old vcr to place under each of the four direction pads.

As it serendipitously turned out the square body of the switches was the same height as the board used for the middle layer. By TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat a hole for each of the switches only the button protruded and the body of the switch was protected by the board.


As a result they could take a serious pounding without being damaged. The switches were wired using flexible flat ribbon cable - TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat was also scavenged - from an old dot matrix printer.

One TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat of the cable was split into four strips and folded to run underneath the middle layer to each of the switches while the the other end was wired to an old pin parallel printer cable. Two pieces of pink camp mat foam were duct taped on either side of TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat switch so the weight of the direction pads didn't depress the switch and to give the pad some bounce.

This compressed nicely when you TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat on the pad so that the switch was depressed. The picture below right shows the area beneath the right-hand side pad with the red arrow indicating the position of the tact switch. With the switches mounted the fixed centre square and the four corner triangles were then mounted and held in place with wood screws.

Thrustmaster Dance Mat for Xbox

These acted as guides that allowed the direction pads to move up and down but restricted their horizontal movement. The direction pads themselves were held in place with tasteful yellow duct tape which was also used to TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat the arrows on each pad. My kids then added some custom artwork and the completed pad can be seen in the picture below right.

At this point TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat faced that classic problem: Joystick Hacking StepMania was able to accept joystick input and so I decided to hack my Thrustmaster USB joypad and use it to connect the dance pad to the computer. I still wanted to be able to use the joypad so I placed a female 25 pin D-SUB parallel port connector underneath the joystick.

Although I only needed 4 buttons for the dance mat I decided to wire all of the joypad's connections to the D-SUB connector.

TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat Drivers Download (2019)

The joypad used a common connection for all of the buttons and the direction pad requiring a total of 13 pins on the connector: There were only a few solder pads that could be wired without interfering with the normal operation of the buttons so for most of the connections I carefully scratched the green coating off to reveal the copper and soldered the wire to the track.

You can find some more hints and thoughts on hacking different types of TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat here. Comment The idea of console players sitting on their backsides getting obese will soon be thrown out of the window by the likes of Thrustmaster TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat its Dance Mat for the Xbox. The PlayStation ushered in dance mats out of the arcades and placed them by the TV.

Now Thrustmaster's decided to release the TRUSTMASTER Dance Mat version too. It's large and easy to use. Standing in the spare space in the middle of the mat, you can step on to any of the action zones and therefore pres the button by simply standing on the large touch sensitive area to activate the button residing beneath it.


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