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Thecus N7510 NAS Server Driver

Thecus Technology N - NAS server - 0 GB overview and full product specs on CNET. Thecus strikes gold with the new N, a high performance NAS that costs less than $ per drive bay, and it has more features than you'll. The 7-bay Thecus N offers incomparible data protection with McAfee Antivirus as technology to sync data across the network to other NAS and servers.

Thecus N7510 NAS Server Driver (2019)

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Thecus N7510 NAS Server Driver

There is also the option to setup link aggregation, here you can double the network bandwidth available by using both in combination.

Here on the first page you can see all of the disks you have installed including their model number, capacity, and even firmware. You can Thecus N7510 NAS Server setup how long in between activity should hard drives spool down to extend their life and save power. That is only 6 of the 7 drives though, I saved the last drive to be used as a global hot spare.

That means one drive is always installed and if my RAID fails in any way it will automatically swap in the new drive and rebuild the array, one that Thecus N7510 NAS Server done the NAS will email me to let me know of the problem.

Thecus N 7-Bay Affordable Tower NAS Review

This should keep downtime to a minimum and lower the risk of the RAID failing and then having something else happening after causing data loss. If you are like me and install things over and over you can mount the Thecus N7510 NAS Server and just have access to it on the network rather than having to drag a stack of discs around with you. User and Group Authentication allows you to setup users and add them to user groups.

Once you have this you can limit what folders they have access to and even set limits on how much data they can transfer.

There is also a batch upload option for companies that already have an established user list than needs transferred over all at once. It is the list of different services that Thecus lets you handle that sets it apart.

If you decide to build your own file server you can expand on the functionality by running other programs as well. Thecus allows the same thing with the ability to install apps. You Thecus N7510 NAS Server pick from a long list of apps on the Thecus website ranging from various media servers all the way to virus scanners.

Thecus N7510 NAS Server Drivers Download

Thecus gives you multiple options when it comes to backing up the data that you save on the N You might be Thecus N7510 NAS Server why you would want to backup the data on your backup? If you have a fire or something unexpected happens you can always rely on the offsite storage.

Drivers Thecus N7510 NAS Server

They have configuration options to backup to another local NAS, remote backup to a NAS at a different location, or even backup to amazon S3 servers. If you have a USB DVD drive you can also burn your data directly to disc, although considering how much data you can store on the N when fully loaded you might want to have another option available because that will take a lot of DVDs and Thecus N7510 NAS Server.

The N Thecus N7510 NAS Server supports connecting printers and UPSs.

They give you a configuration page to help configure your UPS settings. On the printer side of things you can turn a non-networked printer into a networked printer by hooking it up to the N, that should make life a little easier in a small office, not Thecus N7510 NAS Server mention save a little money when picking a printer.

Thecus Technology N7510 - NAS server - 0 GB

Performance After covering the software, all that was left to do was actually put the N to the test. Going with a RAID 10 allowed for redundancy while also running the drives striped for better performance. We could have gone with a full RAID 0 like on Thecus N7510 NAS Server N testing for even more performance, but the data is too important Thecus N7510 NAS Server take that kind of risk.

In addition, Data Guard uses innovative technology to sync data across the network to other NAS and servers. In addition, burning ISO image file is also supported. The process of burning file to disk is now easy and smooth with Data Burn module. But sometimes you have to protect the NAS against itself. The underlying OS seems to be Red Hat based so it will be familiar to many folks.

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