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Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc Driver

CAUTION: As the laser beam in the DRUA is harmful to the eyes, do not attempt to disassemble the cabinet. . is a trademark of Sony Corporation. • Pentium is a .. disk to the hard disk, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, or CD-R/RW discs. InCD. Just got myself a pack of 50 Taio Yuden (YUDENT02 TG) DVD+R with great difficulty coz I had heard such great things about it. My burner is a Sony. This Sony AW-QA-B2 DVD±RW drive writes to double layer DVD R discs SONY DVD/CD REWRITABLE DRIVE UNIT DRUA Internal Black Dual Layer.

Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc Driver UPDATE

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Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc Driver

Sony DRU-800A

CD-R Discs Data can be written to this type of disc only once, and once it has been written, it cannot be erased. Once it has been written, it cannot be erased.

For details about the setting procedures, refer to your writing software Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc. Audio CDs encoded with copyright protection technology are now marketed by various record companies. Be aware that some of these discs do not conform to the CD standard and you may not be able to play them back Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc the drive. For the latest information about these discs, visit the user support Web site. When using discs other than those mentioned above, the drive may limit writing speed to preserve a good reading quality.

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Precautions for Use Operation and storage conditions Avoid using or storing the drive in a hot or humid location, or where it might be subject to severe vibration or direct sunlight. Compatible Discs Compatible Discs The following discs are compatible with the drive.

Depending on your software and media, this speed may vary. For more details on writing speed by disc type, access the user support web site see page A DualDisc is a two sided disc product which mates DVD recorded material on one side with digital audio material on the other side. Please be Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc that the audio side of a DualDisc may not play on this product because these discs do not conform to the CD standard.

Recommended Writable Discs Recommended Writable Discs We recommend that you only use discs for which operation has been guaranteed.

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You can obtain the latest list of writable discs for Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc operation with this drive has been guaranteed at the user support Web site address see page 34 for details. Refer to the table below to find the type of disc that matches what you want to do. Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc Discs Data can be written to this type of disc only once, and once it has been written, it cannot be erased.

Page 27 Data can be written to this type of disc only once. Page 14 Insert the supplied software disc into the drive, and then install the software on the disc.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Hints You do not need serial numbers when you install the software on the supplied software disc.

- Features - Sony DRUA 16x DVD±RW - Reviews

Appropriate Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc Settings Appropriate Jumper Settings Depending on the settings of your computer, use one of the following configurations. Hint Your computer has two IDE connectors: You can connect up to two devices to each connector using cables one master device and one slave device per cable; Refer to the documentation of each software for details about their operation.

Supplied Software The supplied software disc contains the following software. Using Generic Software With The Drive Using software other than the supplied software such as generic software, shareware, or freeware to write data to disc with this drive is not under warranty and Sony offers no customer service if problems arise from using such software.

Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc Drivers for Mac

Make sure that the supplied writing software and generic writing software do not coexist on your computer. Clearly, the uncertainty, and fear of choosing the "wrong" format, will slow the adoption of blue-laser DVD. Blue-Laser Products There's been talk recently of a grand reconciliation between the Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc formats.

Sony DVD+R PATA/IDE/EIDE Internal Desktop Drives eBay

But this is not just a matter of changing specs on paper. Both camps are well along in the development of test disc manufacturing and replication Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc with a broad array of partners -- they have produced millions of discs, and have published results showing they have the factory manufacturing processes under control, Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc close to the times and specs for current DVDs.

Meanwhile, both camps are lining up Hollywood studios and broadcasters to support their formats. HD DVD is promising to ship players before the end ofand studios have announced some 90 titles to start shipping in Q4. The Blu-ray camp is more interested in full-function devices that both play and record, and is finalizing the content protection technology before shipping products, targeting early But remember that a key driver for blue-laser DVD was the need to support HD content, requiring a 6X increase in capacity.

Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc XP

But don't count out red-laser yet. The same improved compression opens the tantalizing possibility of storing more material, even HD, on discs much closer to plain old DVDs. These are intended to provide lower-cost alternatives to DVD and high-def DVD by working with red laser, adopting newer compression Sony DRU800A DVD-RW Disc, and avoiding at least some of the licensing fees required for the standard formats.

Why not three, or four, or even eight?

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