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Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player Driver

Panasonic has introduced its second generation of portable Blu-ray Disc players, with two models: DMP-B (with a bigger, better screen than the first-gen. Panasonic DMP-B Portable Blu-ray Player Review while a BD-Java Blu-ray Disc (Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl) took. Buy Panasonic DMP-B Portable Blu-ray Disc Player featuring " WSVGA LCD Screen, Plays Blu-ray Discs, DVDs And CDs View JPEG Slide Shows From.

Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player Drivers Windows

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Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player Driver

In action the B loads some BD discs quickly, but takes far longer with trickier movies such as Terminator Salvation.

Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player Drivers for PC

Picture During Blu-ray playback, brightly-lit images are beautifully sharp and detailed. Even though the screen is only capable of displaying just over a third of the pixels contained in a full HD frame, you can definitely see the improvement in quality from typical DVD player pictures.

With the aerial shot of Hong Kong or the exploding hospital, you get masses of detail, entrancing depth, intoxicating colours and sharp, definitive edges. The deck easily displays the intricacies of close-ups of faces and textured objects. But Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player picture doesn't always look this impressive. Darker interior shots lose their pizzazz, making it harder to distinguish them from the DVD equivalent.

Panasonic DMP-B review: Panasonic DMP-B - CNET

There's also a slight reddish tinge to skin tones, which requires a bit Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player tinkering in the screen adjustments. But it's no disaster and well worth tolerating for those stunning daylight scenes. The device is covered in matte silver plastic, and has plenty of attractive curves and edges.

Weighing in at just 3 pounds, it's certainly mobile, but heavy enough to necessitate carrying it in a pouch or backpack.

Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-Ray Player (8.9")

The volume controls are hidden along the right edge of the screen. Most notable is its 8.

The screen can lay almost flat on top of the disc tray or be propped up in a more traditional clamshell fashion. Volume controls are laid stealthily along the right edge of the screen; all other playback and menu functionality rest on the disc slot itself or right below it. Sadly, Blu-rays won't play in your old, dusty DVD player, which means they won't play in the bedroom, the basement or the car -- unless you've made the hardware switch in all of those places.

Portable Blu-ray players are starting to pop up, so far exclusively Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player Panasonic.

Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player Driver Download

The Panasonic DMP-B is the company's second generation player, an "entry-level" player intended purely for portable use. It's a player for the person who simply must have access to that Blu-ray collection at all times and isn't too concerned Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player the price of entry. First of all, Panasonic was kind enough to include a car adapter with the DMP-B, as well as a standard power cord, a battery and a remote control.

It also features a mono-arm design, which means the screen can be flipped, so you don't have to contort your body too much in the car, bathroom, basement closet, or wherever else you'll take this unit.

Panasonic DMP-B Portable Blu-Ray Player (") eBay

For a high-priced item, the DMP-B is incredibly simple. The sides of the device feature very few connections: It's Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Disc Player a stand-alone portable player which outputs content only to its integrated screen. It can be limited even more, if you'd like, since it offers options a menu option to block the kiddos from viewing DVDs and Blu-rays with specific ratings. We punched in our language of choice and were in business in seconds.

Panasonic DMP-B TechRadar

After that initial setup, it routinely took about 20 seconds to fire up the player to the main menu screen. One thing that should be noted: You probably won't have to worry about accidentally turning this player on at any point. The power button takes a good push.

We used our three standby discs to test out load times. The discs all start automatically from when you close the player, so that's when we started our countdown.

Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Player (8.9")

Curse of the Black Pearl took 20 seconds. For our maiden voyage, we charged the DMP-B overnight.

On that charge, we made it through one-and-a-half movies, for a total of minutes or a little over three hours. The second time, we charged the unit for about 15 hours.

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