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Cuddeback Ambush Camera Driver

?v=1 Cuddeback? Ambush IR 5MP Game Camera: watch this video. Free Download Cuddeback Ambush IR Camera Firmware (Digital Camera / Webcam / Camcorder). Cuddeback cameras also contain technology to give you correctly exposed IR images, rather than the blur infrared cameras generally create. The Ambush Black.

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Cuddeback Ambush Camera Driver

I've owned two of these cameras, purchasing them both in the United States on hunting trips in Maine. Cuddeback Ambush Camera they have replaced this model with a new Cuddeback Ambush Camera just out this fall, you can still find lots of existing stock out there so we think it still has a need to be reviewed.

Cuddeback Ambush Camera thing to let you know is that we are passionate and obsessed with trail cameras, almost as much as we are with hunting and fishing. Each member of our family delights in pouring over the pictures each day, no matter what the Cuddeback Ambush Camera. We have literally thousands of pictures from the past decade and think enough of then to back them up on the cloud so as to never risk losing them.

Many an evening at the camp is spent looking over the pictures both for scouting purpose and just for reminiscing. With that in mind, let's get right into the review.

Cuddeback Ambush Camera Windows 7

Right out of the box, the Ambush IR feels like a solid product. It is about average size and weight for a trail camera, and is shaped and coloured like a tree.

Drivers Cuddeback Ambush Camera

This would be to Cuddeback Ambush Camera conceal it, as well as to make it look unique. Other companies are also trying this but to be honest we don't think it helps. In my experience, the animals know the cams are there regardless of what they look like.

They hear them click no matter what model as they take pictures and are not fooled no matter how "natural" they pattern them. People also can quickly pick them out since it creates a pretty big profile on the tree at a level generally easy to see. The package comes with a strap for attaching it Cuddeback Ambush Camera the tree.

It seems to work well, but in all cases we recommend a lock box. The lock boxes stop hungry bears and prevent crimes of opportunity.

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The Trigger Speed is where Cuddeback makes their name. One thing we noted, was that daytime pictures are beautiful.


Nighttime pictures were less impressive, as we touch on below in more detail. Infrared, Ft Range In the field: We pointed the Ambush IR a number of ways and were unable to achieve triggering at anywhere near that distance. This is not uncommon, as most manufacturers claim a range closer to 40 feet, something more Cuddeback Ambush Camera attainable.

Cuddeback Ambush Camera Windows 8 X64 Treiber

The Ambush IR does allow you to record videos, both daytime and night with durations of 10,20, or 30 seconds. However, unlike some other models, the videos you record with this camera do not include sound.

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Cuddeback Ambush Camera Another Cuddeback Ambush Camera where the Ambush IR truly shines is the incredible recovery speed. With a camera delay set as low as 5 seconds, the amount of pictures you take is truly up to you. You don't want to get a picture of a doe and miss the picture of a trailing buck because the camera takes two minutes to write and recover.

This is not a claim we can dispute, as we had the camera in Cuddeback Ambush Camera woods taking literally hundreds of pictures a week for months at a time between replacing them. We could get through our entire NB bear season of two months on a single set of alkaline batteries. Real World Thoughts Positives:

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