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MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe Driver

Multi-Tech MultiModem ZDX The MultiModem® ZDX desktop modem delivers the highest-speed dial-up data MTZDXe, V Data/Fax Modem. MTZPX-UPCI, multi-tech multimodem zpx mtzpx-upci - 56 kbps fax / modem -, Avl, RFQ · MTZPX-PCI-U MTZDXE, modem zdx, Avl, RFQ. MULTI-TECH PRODUCTS INC · Next Cage > R MTZDXIE, MODEM,COMMUNICATION MTZDXE, MODEM,COMMUNICATION.

MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe 64x

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MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe Driver

Detects dial tones and busy signals for reliable call-progress detection.

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Compatible with the standard AT command set used by most communication programs. Supports Plug and Play PnP.

MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe Drivers Windows

Routes voice, data, or fax calls on a single phone line using distinctive rings. Can be flash upgraded. Can MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe and play back answering machine messages using optional microphone and speaker.

You will need data communications datacomm software, fax communications software, and MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe appropriate application to access the Personal Voice Mail features of the MTZDXV. You will need Microsoft Windows 95 or higher to run these programs. After MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe this program, you can: Upload and download data files. Send faxes at preset times. Store incoming voice messages and faxes. Retrieve stored messages, faxes, and phone numbers phone number retrieval requires Caller ID service from your phone company.


Print a received fax. For detailed information about operating your modem under the included communications MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe, refer to the CD containing the User Guide. What s In Your Modem Package? Your modem package has several components. Make sure you have all of them before trying to operate your modem.

Multitech mtzdx with 8em problems - Digi Forum

A MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe containing a communications program and other programs. Installation 5 10 2 Installation Introduction What You Will Need This chapter shows you step-by-step how to set up your Multi-Tech modem, test it, and make your first calls.

Before starting, make sure you have everything you will need. A MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe RS serial cable with a male DB connector on one end and a connector to match your computer s serial port on the other end.

A nearby AC power outlet A nearby phone jack Optional If you want speakerphone functions along with the ability to record sound or. Never install phone wiring during a lightning storm. Never install a phone jack in a wet location unless the jack is specifically designed for wet locations. Never touch MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe phone wires or terminals unless the phone line has been disconnected MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe the network interface.

MultiTech Multi-Tech MultiZDX (MT5600ZDXE-GB/IE) 56 Kbps

Use caution when installing MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe modifying phone lines. Avoid using a phone other than a cordless type during an electrical storm; there is a risk of electrical shock from lightning.

MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe Drivers for Windows 7

Do not use a phone in the vicinity of a gas leak. To reduce the MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe of fire, use only 26 AWG or larger telephone line cord. Placing the modem in a convenient location, connect it to your computer s serial port, to the phone line, to AC power, and to your phone. You supply the RS cable. The phone cable is included with your modem.

Drivers MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe

Use only the DC power transformer supplied with the modem. Use of any other transformer voids the warranty and can damage MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe modem. A Note About Power Connection, Surge Protectors, and Lightning Power surges and other transient voltages on power lines, such as those caused by lightning strikes, can damage or destroy your modem.

Therefore, we recommend that you plug the modem into a surge protector rather than directly into a wall outlet, preferably a surge protector that provides protection against electrical spikes on the MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe line as well as on the power MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe. Note that not even a surge protector can guard against damage from a nearby lightning strike.

During an electrical storm, it is safest to unplug your computer equipment from both the power outlet and the phone line.

Power-On Test Test the modem by turning MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe on an on-off switch is located on the side panel. When you apply power, the modem performs a diagnostic self-test.

Mundo Drivers - Drivers / Controladores Windows 95 98 XP Vista Linux UNIX -> MULTITECH

The 56 indicator lights; and if a terminal program is running, the TR indicator also lights. If this does not happen, check that the power switch is on, the power supply is solidly connected, MULTITECH Modem MT5600ZDXe the AC outlet is live.

If these measures do not work, see Chapter 5, Troubleshooting. For more information, see Appendix A.

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