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MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global Driver

Manuals and User Guides for Multitech MultiModem MTZBA-Global. We have 1 Multitech MultiModem MTZBA-Global manual available for free PDF. Buy MultiTech MultiModem ZBA MTZBA-GLOBAL V Data/Fax World Modem 56Kbps RS (Serial Port) Data: V, enhanced V & below Error. Multi-Tech's global modems are designed for global applica- This model is packaged with the MTZBA-Global modem, configuration CD-ROM, universal.

New Drivers: MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global

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MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global Driver

Flashes when the modem is transmitting data to another modem.

RD — Receive Data. Flashes when the modem is receiving data. CD — Carrier Detect.

MTZBA-Global Home Page

Lights when the modem detects a valid carrier signal from another modem. It is on when themodem is communicating with the other modem, and off when the link is broken. To access the Internet and Web viayour modem, you must establish a dial-up account with MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global Internet service provider ISP. To locate an ISP near you,look in a local directory or computer publication.

You can open the guide from the CD or youdownload the guide to your hard drive and then open it. With password-protected remote configuration, you can issue AT commands to a remote modem formaintenance or troubleshooting as if you were on site. Basic ProcedureThe following steps can be used when the connection is established by the local MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global the remote modem.

Callback security protects MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global network fromunauthorized access and helps control long-distance costs. When callback security is enabled, all callers are requestedto enter a password. If a valid password is received, the modem hangs up and returns the call by dialing a phone numberthat is stored with the password.

Multitech MT5634ZBA-GLOBAL Modem User Manual

Open a data communications program such as HyperTerminal or PhoneTools. In the terminal MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global, type AT Sxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxx is your password. Page 21 Chapter 6 — Callback Security5.

After the delay specified by the CBDn command, the callback modem calls the number associated withthe password. If the callback modem is unable to establish a connection, it tries again, up to the numberof attempts specified by the CBAn command.

MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global Linux

After the modems reconnect, the following message reappears: Page 22 Chapter 6 — Callback SecurityDirect ConnectionUse this procedure when you MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global to connect without first being called back. The password that you use must beset up for an optional direct connection.

Using a data communications program such as HyperTerminal or PhoneTools, dial the number of thecallback modem. Use of any other power adapter will void the warranty and could damage the modem. Power-On Test Test the modem by turning it on a power switch is located on the right side. When you apply power, the modem performs a diagnostic self-test, indicated by several indicators flashing for a second or two, after which the 56 indicator should light. If this does not happen, check that the power switch is on, the power supply is solidly connected, and the AC outlet is live.

If MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global measures do not work, see Troubleshooting. MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global Protectors and Lightning Your modem has automatic lightning protection to protect it from electrical spikes on the telephone line.

MULTITECH Modem MT5634ZBA-Global 64Bit

Nonetheless, power surges and other transient voltages on power lines, such as those caused by lightning strikes, can damage or destroy your modem.

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