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Mercury KOB N5800 Driver

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Living amid coal ash The threat of a potential contaminant lingers in many communities neighboring coal ash Mercury KOB N5800, despite reassurances that industry testing shows that water sources are safe at the moment. For many people in these communities, coal ash is a bogeyman.

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Public health experts say that the elements found in coal ash -- Mercury KOB N5800 metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury -- can pose serious health risks. According to the Mercury KOB N5800, exposure to coal ash waste "can cause severe health and environmental problems in the form of cancer and non-cancer risks in humans, lowered IQ among children, and deformities and reproductive harm in fish and wildlife.

Many of these pollutants, once in the environment, remain there for years.

To complicate it further, the coal ash itself can have different levels of element concentrations depending on where the coal was sourced. The plant's coal ash pond sat next to Belews Lake, a recreational lake used for fishing and swimming north of Winston-Salem.

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Edwards describes an idyllic childhood in the town of about 1, people, a place where kids played outside all day and picked fruit off trees when they were hungry. Growing up, they Mercury KOB N5800 think much about the plant, but she remembers how soot from the power station was always around: Edwards, 44, has had three strokes Mercury KOB N5800 a heart attack, which left her temporarily paralyzed on her right side.

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She can't help but wonder whether Duke Energy had something to do with her health and that of her neighbors. In her small block of Mercury KOB N5800 homes, four of the families have been hit by cancer.

Her doctors can't say it is related to coal ash, but they Mercury KOB N5800 can't rule it out. Danielle Bailey-Lash, 43, has lived in Walnut Cove since she was 13 and couldn't imagine raising her family anywhere else.

When she and her husband married, they settled in a house on the lake. She has fond memories of growing up there, fishing and eating from Mercury KOB N5800 lake, and swimming in the water.

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It was a "dream location; it had everything we needed," she told Gupta. Pruitt taking control of Clean Water Act determinations But inBailey-Lash began experiencing headaches that became so severe, she had to go to the hospital the following year.

Doctors found a tumor the size of a juice box just above her right ear. She was diagnosed with stage 3 astrocytoma, a form of brain cancer, and her doctors said she just had months to live. She underwent chemotherapy and radiation, and today, she has no trace of cancer. The diagnosis is still a shock to her, Mercury KOB N5800 never smoked and had no history of the disease in her family.

With EPA rule change, worries linger for those near coal ash ponds - CNN

Her doctors can't make any conclusions about what contributed to the disease, but when Gupta Mercury KOB N5800 what she thought, she answered confidently: A North Carolina state assessment of cancer incidences by county didn't find a higher incidence of cancer in counties with coal ash sites. But, critics say the analysis didn't narrow down to neighborhood levels. Trying to find answers Mercury KOB N5800 down on those kind of numbers and connections is a challenge.

Cancers in particular are difficult to pin down. Nationally, the rate of cancer in adults is quite high: According to the American Cancer Associationone in three adults will be diagnosed with any type of cancer in their lifetime.

On top of that, the disease has a latency period up to 30 years or more, which could mean a host of factors could contribute to potential exposures. And children are particularly vulnerable, simply because they Mercury KOB N5800 smaller systems to process the exposure. Lisa Bradley, a toxicologist who serves on the board of the American Coal Ash Association, an industry group with members that work for various coal ash producers, said that the EPA's measurements for risk are extremely conservative, looking at cancer risk rates calculated at between 1 in 10, and 1 in 1 million chances.

None of that brings relief to Andree Davis, who lives next door to the Belews Mercury KOB N5800 plant.

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