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Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card Driver

MCXA-QCAT · MCXAQCAT · Mellanox 1 port QDR Infiniband / 10Gbe . Mellanox Refurbished MHQH29XTC Dual Port QSFP ConnectX Card 40Gb/s InfiniBand QDR C4 RETAIL DURABLEMEM FLASH MEMORY WITH ADAPTER. Mellanox ConnectX®-3 Firmware (fw-ConnectX3) Release Notes Rev Last . For the most updated list of adapter cards supported, visit the firmware bracket, RoHS R6 MCXA-FCAT MT_ ConnectX®-3 VPI adapter card, MCXA-FCBT MT_ MT_ MCXA-QCAT. MCXA-QCAT, Mellanox, , 1, Mellanox MCXA-QCAT Connectx-3 VPI Adapter Card Dual-Port QSFP QDR IB (40GB/s) & 10GBE PCIE x8 8GT/s.

Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card New

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Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card Driver

Follow the directions through the following sequence of dialogs. Each dialog has context-sensitive help. Click Help to view the information applicable for that particular dialog. Read the information in the Download Drive Firmware - Introduction dialog. Click Next to move to the next dialog. Select the appropriate firmware Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card your drives in the Download Drive Firmware - Add Packages dialog.

Enter yes in the Confirm Download dialog. The Download Drive Firmware - Progress dialog shows the progress of the firmware download. This package also contains an optional monitor service that sends alerts when a critical problem exists with the storage array. The storage management software that is installed Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card on a host machine to enable in-band management.

A multi-path Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card driver, proprietary to NetApp, that is installed on Linux hosts. If a problem exists on the path or a failure occurs on one of the controllers, the driver automatically reroutes the request from the hosts to the other controller in the storage array. For information about other supported failover drivers for your operating system, refer to the Failover Drivers User Guide.

This package contains utilities that let the operating system recognize the volumes that you create in the storage array and to view the OS-specific device names for each volume. Installation Options Checking the Current Version of the Storage Management Software Installation Options Install only the packages that are required for the type of installation you are performing. The Java Access Bridge is installed automatically with all options.

To check the version of the current storage management software from the command line, type the command that corresponds to your operating system, and press Enter.

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In the Windows operating system, perform these tasks. Type regedit, and press Enter.

Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card Windows 8 X64 Driver Download

The Register Editor window appears. The host software versions are listed under the storage directory.

Supported Controller-Drive Trays A controller-drive tray is a unit that contains drives, redundant cooling fans and power supplies, and depending on the model one or two controllers. Controller-drive trays do not contain ESMs.

Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card Drivers for Windows

Table 1 shows the controller-drive trays and the maximum number of drive slots and the total number of volumes that are supported by each controller-drive tray. The total numbers include drive slots and volumes that are contained in the controller-drive tray and Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card additional attached drive trays.

Mellanox Tech Services – IT Hardware Parts Catalog by Page 2

Maximum Volumes per Storage Array 3 2 The tray limit includes both drive trays and controller-drive trays. With DE drive trays, the maximum number of trays is 3. Storage arrays with E controller-drive trays, E controller-drive trays, Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card E controller-drive trays may include any combination of DE drive trays, DE drive trays, or DE drive trays, as long as the limits on Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card number of drives and the number of trays are not exceeded.

Storage arrays with E controller-drive trays may include combinations of DE drive trays and DE drive trays. Storage arrays with E controller-drive trays and DE drive trays must not include other models of drive trays. Table 2 lists controller-drive trays and controller trays can co-exist in a storage network with hardware running storage management software version and controller firmware version They cannot, however, be upgraded to storage management software version and controller firmware version Table 5.

Drive trays do not contain controllers. When you install the new software, earlier versions of the software are automatically removed as part of that process. For this procedure, you must first obtain an installation file that is specific to your operating system and to the release level of the storage management software from your storage vendor. Make sure that you have root privileges, which are required to install the software. After the software is loaded, the Introduction window Mellanox MCX353A-QCAT Adapter Card.

The License Agreement window appears. Select the option that accepts the terms of the License Agreement. The Select Installation Type window appears.

Based on the type of installation you are performing, select one of these options. The steps in this procedure describe a typical full installation. Typical Full Installation This selection, which is the default, installs all of the packages on the system.

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