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Anandtech: "Gigabyte was the first to deliver an Apollo Pro based motherboard to us. Let's find out if DDR SDRAM and the Pentium III was. Drivers for Gigabyte GA-6RX-1 can be found on this page. Select the appropriate file matching your operating system and size. In some cases, you'll need to. Buy 2GB Memory KIT For Gigabyte Gigabyte GA GA-6RX (Non-ECC) GA-6RX-1 (Non-ECC) GA-6RXB (Non-ECC) GA-7DX (Non-ECC) GA-7DX (Rev.

GIGABYTE GA-6RX Drivers Update

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Otherwise, the GIGABYTE GA-6RX Plus performs and functions very much like the Pro version. The manufacturer could have omitted the AMR slot, since there are no components available on the free market for this type of slot.

Gigabyte Technology ga-6rx-1 Memory Upgrade - ga-6rx-1 RAM

Some problems crop up when using special DDR memory modules. GIGABYTE GA-6RX only GIGABYTE GA-6RX, but the board is the second worst in virtually all the benchmark disciplines. One exception to this general trend is the Linux benchmark, where the board wins hands down.

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Wrong design for the board layout - a capacitor on the Aopen board has been so poorly placed that we were forced to bend the slot plate on the graphics card in order to GIGABYTE GA-6RX operate the platform. This striking board has been laid out unlike any of the remaining test candidates. However, GIGABYTE GA-6RX benchmark scores don't live up to the expectations that you would traditionally expect from this manufacturer.


GIGABYTE GA-6RX aficionados will definitely be GIGABYTE GA-6RX with this board - the front side bus can be adjusted to between 66 and MHz. Unfortunately, the granularity of the FSB-adjustments could be higher. In addition, the CPU core voltage has a wide range of possible settings.

A 3COM chip see picture ensures that GIGABYTE GA-6RX board can be connected to a network. This port is useless for end users.

Gigabyte Technology GA-6RX-1 Memory

The BIOS recovery feature is interesting. This is a common feature on numerous Siemens boards.

This board takes the gold in virtually every single GIGABYTE GA-6RX discipline. There is one drawback, however - there are only two fan headers on the board.

GIGABYTE GA-6RX far as its performance is concerned, the board always ranks among the lowest, which means that it's not that attractive for end users interested in performance. GIGABYTE GA-6RX the fact that DFI designed its own layout is admirable, it doesn't have a positive effect on the test.

GIGABYTE GA-6RX Drivers Windows 7

The Gigabyte proves to be multitalented. The board incorporates the most important features.

GA-6RX - GIGA-BYTE GIGABYTE Motherboards Mainboards Drivers Manuals BIOS

Be that as it may, some insufficiencies became apparent in the test. Every GIGABYTE GA-6RX the system crashes, the individual BIOS settings are lost.

This can be very time-consuming and irritating for people running systems under Windows 98 SE, which is world-renowned for its GIGABYTE GA-6RX problems. After all, is there anybody out there who enjoys reentering IRQ settings over and over again?

It's also a bad idea to overload the GIGABYTE GA-6RX with overly fast memory modules. In terms of performance, this board hovers around the middle of the benchmark chart. Overclocking aficionados can adjust the CPU core voltage and the GIGABYTE GA-6RX multiplier manually.

Download Gigabyte GA-6RX-1 motherboard BIOS - AM6LUG02 • Wim's BIOS

Regarding GIGABYTE GA-6RX AMR slot, the same thing GIGABYTE GA-6RX be said for the Gigabyte as for the other candidates - the slot is superfluous for retail customers because there are no peripheral devices available for it. In the event of a BIOS flash update failure or incorrect settings, it is possible to switch chips.


The board's very poor performance is a serious problem - it places last in practically all the benchmarks. On GIGABYTE GA-6RX other hand, the long track length between the processor and the Northbridge chipset already GIGABYTE GA-6RX at this problem. On the other hand, the board's integrated RAID controller and its hardware diagnostic LED display feature lead to a better overall impression.

As far as the CNR slot is concerned, the same holds true for the MSI GIGABYTE GA-6RX as well as all other test candidates furnished with this port - it's utterly useless.

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