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Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem Driver

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Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem Driver

In a method for single-step logon a network gateway interface grants a subscriber access to both one or more public network domains, such as the Internet, and one or more private domains, such as community of interest domains or Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem domains, without requiring the subscriber to launch a separate logon application.

Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem Driver Download

Once the subscriber has completed a single step logon to the network interface, the service provider is able to provide Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem subscriber with simultaneous secure channel access to both public areas and secured private areas. A network gateway interface provides the capability to authenticate the subscriber, provide the subscriber with an TIP address and negotiate a point to point protocol session with the subscriber's host, thereby eliminating the need to have the subscriber logon for public area access and then logon for private area access.

Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem Driver (2019)

Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for providing simplified access to subscribers of a differentiated computer network. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method and apparatus for single step network Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem based on a point to point communication link between the host computer and a server capable of providing both public domain connections and private service domain connections.

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The Background In order for a user to access a computer network, such as the Internet or a private Intra net network, the user must generally first dial-in or otherwise connect to a Network Access Server, or NABS. The NAS serves as the gate between the computer and the user. Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem

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This authentication process is of heightened importance when the network is differentiated into public areas, such as the Internet, that are generally accessible to all subscribers and private areas, such as a business's Intranet, that Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem accessible only to authorized subscribers. The authentication procedure Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem involves another server, herein referred to as an Authentication, Authorization and Accounting Server, or an AAA Server.

In most instances, the subscriber 12 begins a session on the network by first launching a dial-in application on a personal computer or host The dial-in application prompts the subscriber 12 to enter some form of user identification, commonly a user-name and a private password. Such information may also be stored in the host's memory and automatically provided by the host Once the necessary information is provided, the dial-in application contacts a NAS 16, typically, via modem 18 and telephone line 20, and provides NAS 16 with Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem subscriber 12 or host 14 supplied identification information.

The private password data is customarily encrypted using methods well-known by those of ordinary skill in the art.

The access request packet contains the data supplied by the host 14, as well as additional data identifying the particular NAS 16 client from which the packet was sent. The AAA server 22 contains a large database 24 of stored information pertaining to the accounts of each subscriber, including user-names, encrypted passwords and configuration information related to the types of services that are authorized to be provided to the subscriber.

When AAA server 22 receives an access request packet from an authorized NAS 16 client, it consults the corresponding database 24 of user Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem to locate the account entry for the subscriber 12 identified by the information contained in the access request packet.

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The account entry will often specify certain requirements that must be met in order for the subscriber 12 to gain access to the network 10, including information on the clients and ports throughout the network that the subscriber 12 is allowed to access. A paramount requirement is that the password entered by the user match the password specified in the account entry on the AAA database The access accept packet contains configuration data that enables NAS 16 to provide the Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem service to the subscriber Once access is granted to the subscriber 12 a connection to the network, in this instance the Internet 26, can be established.

The access-reject packet may also contain text messages that may be delivered to the subscriber 12 via NAS A complication Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem the scheme detailed in FIG.

Among many features of the SSG server 32, it serves to create multiple secure channels to private areas of the network for those subscribers authorized to use such private networks. In order to access the private domains, an authorized subscriber 34 must Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem to the SSG server 32, as well as the corresponding NAS The ability to access both the public domains and the private domains currently involves two separate logon procedures.

The dual logon procedure is initiated by the subscriber 34 launching on a host 38 the same dial-in application detailed in the discussion of FIG. The subscriber 34 or host 38 will provide the necessary authorization and identification information.

Gateway 6000 6510 (Notebook)

Once this information is provided, the Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem application will contact NAS 36 and the information will be forwarded from the host 38 to NAS The subscriber 34 is again prompted Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem the dashboard application to input identification information. Once the necessary information is provided, the dashboard application contacts the SSG server 32 and provides the SSG server 32 with the subscriber supplied identification information.

Once AAA server 44 receives the access request packet from SSG server 32, it consults the corresponding database 46 to locate the service entry for the subscriber 34 identified by the information contained in the access request packet. Once access is granted to the subscriber 12 the subscriber is permitted to make connections with both public domains 48 and private domains The need for this two-step logon process is dictated by how the IP address is assigned.

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It would not be sufficient to simply pass the identification information from NAS 36 to SSG server 32 because SSG server 32 is incapable of sending information from the private domains without access to Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem dynamically assigned IP address of the subscriber. From the subscriber's perspective this two-step logon procedure is inefficient.

It causes the subscriber time consuming delays in making a connection to a desired service and mandates that the subscriber use Gateway 6510 Conexant Modem capacity for a largely redundant software application. The subscriber would benefit from having a one-step logon procedure that provides the necessary authorization and authentication for access to both public domains and private domains.

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