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Exabyte 230D Library Driver

Some listed tape drives and tape libraries may require an updated Device Driver Set .. EXABYTE^EXBC EXABYTE^Exabyte^D. exabyte inventory mananagement exabytes. Warranty PassThru other products, Exabyte Tape Drives. PPS is an Authorized Exabyte Reseller; We support all Exabyte products; We sell & repair all Exabyte drives & libraries EXABYTE D. The combination of a tape library and a tape drive is interoperable with the Sun StorageTek Storage Archive Manager . Exabyte D, 3.x.

Drivers for Exabyte 230D Library

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Exabyte 230D Library Driver

Sony's AIT proprietary tape architecture packs a lot of storage capacity into small tape cartridges.

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Each cartridge holds 35G of uncompressed data, but if you employ compression, up to 70G of data can be placed on each tape. That means a total of G can be stored on the unit's Exabyte 230D Library tapes, about equal to the storage capacity of nearlyfloppy disks. Smaller 25G tapes also are available.

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As many as seven tape units can be strung together for additional network storage. Next, we installed the four AIT tapes into the caddy that ships with the autoloader Exabyte 230D Library inserted the tape holder into the C.

Exabyte 230D Library Windows 8

The C takes about 57 seconds Exabyte 230D Library load and initialize all the tapes and just five seconds to eject the tape caddy if the tapes are in standby position. However, it can Exabyte 230D Library as much as a minute to replace a tape if it's being used in the drive. The caddy lines up the four tapes with one on top of the other and end to end.

The C's manual shows removing the tapes as an easy process, but we had a little difficulty. Also, every time the drive needs to be cleaned, cartridges for the Exabyte 230D Library have to be manually inserted, a tedious prospect. Although the LCD panel Exabyte 230D Library small, it wasn't too hard to use. Unfortunately, there were no management or warning settings that we could see from this panel.

Finally, we installed the software that came with the unit.

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Exabyte 230D Library Sony ships Computer Associates Inc. For our testing, we backed up our server completely loaded with data. We used the uncompressed native mode and backed up 19,M of data. To restore the files, we did a complete restore of the server.

We were a little surprised to find that the process to return the data Exabyte 230D Library the server took one-third longer than the initial process of backing up the unit. Specifically, the reverse process took three hours, 12 minutes to complete. The only real downside to the C is its lack of management capabilities. IT managers will have a hard time trying to find out whether the hardware or the tapes are going bad.

The C is best suited for smaller workgroups that employ only one or two local servers. The standalone unit we Exabyte 230D Library sits 21 inches high, is 19 inches wide and 29 inches deep, and weighs pounds. The library also is available in a rack-mountable version.

Exabyte 230D Library Driver for Windows

Setting up the Exabyte library took longer than the Sony unit, but the plug-and-play capabilities made overall setup painless, taking less than an hour from start to finish. First we had to install the tape caddies into the library unit. Next, we installed the additional drive that shipped with the Exabyte 230D Library.

Then we prepared Exabyte 230D Library tapes with the bar code labels and installed them into the unit. Like the Sony, the Exabyte solution works with a number of software backup packages.

And, for those people using older backup software, the D does perform some emulation. The unit is also available with less expensive DLT drives for IT mangers who want to protect older storage investments.

What this unit offers over smaller tape units is more near-line storage.

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