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LongShine LCS-883R-AC-A External Access Point 11Mbps Driver

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LongShine LCS-883R-AC-A External Access Point 11Mbps Drivers Windows 7

Type: Driver
331 (4.18)
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Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
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LongShine LCS-883R-AC-A External Access Point 11Mbps Driver

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The information has been collected from different sources. Securityfocus, Butraq, Manuals etc.

Feel free to submit further details. This issue is due to a failure of the application to handle anomalous network traffic.

  • /lib/udev/hwdb.d/
  • CT2HPM - WIFI Configs
  • Network Peripherals
  • Network card

The problem is reported to present itself when copious amounts of anomalous UDP traffic are targeted at the router. Apparently the router fails to handle the network traffic and crashes. Further information is not available.

This issue can allow a remote attacker to disclose sensitive information such as the router name, primary and secondary DNS servers, default gateway. Attackers could also reportedly gain administrative access to the router.

Commit: b4fe3ff1feba9aa - kernel (git) - OSDN

If successful, these vulnerabilities can be used to the launch of other attacks against the device and other users on the vulnerable network. Open using a browser the URL http: This vulnerability allows remote attackers to gain administrative access to affected devices.

Due to code reuse, it is likely that other devices are also vulnerable to this issue. It crashes and restarts, during that reboot it provides to a prompt without entering any username or password.

A valid community name is not required. After a number of SNMP requests are made, the device will fail to respond to further requests. Additionally, all wireless connections will be dropped, and new connections refused.

Network Peripherals

Under some conditions, the device may also fail to respond on the ethernet interface. It is reported that 'public' SNMP MIB community strings which, are world readable by default contain sensitive information pertaining to the internal protected network.

Data collected by exploiting this vulnerability may be used in further attacks against the victim network. The vulnerability occurs when a vulnerable device receives numerous ICMP packets.

Ves Programas: Tarjetas de red Longshine

In some cases, this LongShine LCS-883R-AC-A External Access Point 11Mbps result in the device behaving unpredictably and denying service. An oversight in the design of this product creates a vulnerability which may be exploited by an attacker to hijack the access point. The administrative password is stored in plaintext in the default "public" MIB.

There issue may be exploited with any SNMP client. This community string is hard-coded into the product and cannot be changed with the configuration interface.

This account has permissions to create settings back-up files "config. Gigabyte Gn-B46B appliance has been reported prone to an authentication bypass vulnerability. It has been reported that an attacker may save the router HTML menu on a local machine, the attacker may then use this menu to access and configure an accessible router without requiring prior authentication.

LongShine LCS-883R-AC-A External Access Point 11Mbps Treiber

This issue based on a a failure of validating credentials when processing password changes. It is possible for a user with equipment capable of monitoring the frequencies used to communicate between the base receiver and devices to watch the session. Additionally, a user with similar equipment that has been altered may be able to gain control of the session.

This problem makes it possible for a remote user to gain console access to an unauthorized system, either by watching keystrokes, or by session hijacking. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability to connect via tftp to the access point and download the configuration file without any authentication.

LongShine LCS-883R-AC-A External Access Point 11Mbps Drivers Windows

When the vulnerable system recognizes this malicious AP, it will then begin transmission of data. This can be exploited by an attacker to intercept and decrypt any transmissions received from a vulnerable system. Information obtained in this manner may be used to launch further, destructive attacks against a vulnerable system.

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