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Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON C-MEDIA 6-chanel onboard audio Driver

SY-K7V DRAGON Plus! - SOYO. AMD Socket-A Based VIA KTA Chipset ATX Motherboard A: CMedia 6-channel hardware audio on board. Trademarks: Soyo is the registered trademark of Soyo Computer Inc. All trademarks are the . APPENDIXB C-MEDIA 6 CHANNEL AUDIO SOLUTION MANUAL The SY-K7V DRAGON AGP/PCI Motherboard is a high-performance. The C-Media implementation on the Soyo is of particular note. The CMI on the Dragon supports full 6 channel speaker support via Only 5 PCI and no ISA and with 6 PCI slots being nice, with the good onboard sound.

Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON C-MEDIA 6-chanel onboard audio Drivers Windows

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Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON C-MEDIA 6-chanel onboard audio Driver

Can not get soyo k7v dragon plus on-board sound to

Ghost is one of my favourite pieces of software. They are backed up to.

Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON C-MEDIA 6-chanel onboard audio 64x

GHO image files and you can set varying levels of compression. For reviewing hardware, Ghost is invaluable.

For each motherboard that passes my way, I install base operating systems with the current stable drivers for each piece of hardware in the system. Then I let Ghost archive them to image files along with a short text file on what hardware the image supports and what software and drivers it contains.


Then in the event of a system crash where Windows stops booting or I get an old motherboard back in my system a CD with my image file gets me back up and running with all my settings and drivers installed in under 10 minutes. It has saved me many a reinstall and really is worth me rambling on about.

Top marks for Soyo for supplying Ghost with the Dragon. Some motherboard vendors have had a real struggle with the KT and it just plain underperforms against the AMD chipset in terms of raw performance.

But thinking about it, it's all relative. Considering the applications the average user is likely to run, should such a user be disappointed to see or use the Dragon in their systems? I don't think so at all.

Driver UPDATE: Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON C-MEDIA 6-chanel onboard audio

It's a good performing chipset and complements the Athlon and DDR memory very well. For the professional or more demanding user who runs sophisticated applications requiring that little bit more memory bandwidth or the gamer who must have top performance at all costs or the user who can't help but have the latest toys, sure, get a or a KTA. But pairing the KT with any of today's top graphics cards like the GeForce3 Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON C-MEDIA 6-chanel onboard audio you won't have a slow system by any means if you are playing the latest games.

My problem is when I change the speaker settings on the software that sets up the sound, to the 5. My decoder automatically picks up a digital signal from it's source if there is one. My decoder reads a Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON C-MEDIA 6-chanel onboard audio signal coming in when I set the sound card to 2 speakers. The SOYO boasts 6 channel audio and dolby digital 5.

That means it is only capable of 2 channel digital audio, which is useless to me. The box is that big because it needs to be to contain the plethora of stuff inside it.

Oh, sure, you have the standard fare: But take a look at some of the other inclusions. An ATX connector plate designed specifically for the board's multitude of ports.

Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON C-MEDIA 6-chanel onboard audio Mac

An expansion header for Soyo SY-K7V DRAGON C-MEDIA 6-chanel onboard audio on-board audio that includes both optical and coaxial digital inputs and outputs. A separate box with a 3. Very quickly, one begins to realize that the Dragon Plus is different from most motherboards. Finally, perhaps in a nod to the board's target consumer, Soyo even throws in a small package of heatsink paste. We don' need no steenking thermal pad.

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