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Bluetooth + WiFi Driver: ASUS ZenBook UX21, UX21A, UX21E Direct link For Windows. ASUS ZenBook Series Network Software Networking: ASIX AXB USB to Fast Ethernet (10/MBit), Atheros ARWB-EG Wireless. For the newer Asus Zenbook Prime models UX32/UX31A/UX21A, see the AsusZenbookPrime. . Switch Network connection on/off: Works. .. On ux31e and ubuntu 64 bits, ASIX USB-Ethernet driver noticably slow. More Info ASUS Zenbook UX31 review ASUS Zenbooks to get Ivy Bridge These include the inch UX21A, which you see up there, along with the . and up to six and a half hours using ASUS' specialty power saving mode (more on that in the software section). . Oath Tech Network Aol g: LAN.

ASUS ZENBOOK UX21A ASIX LAN Drivers Download (2019)

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Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
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That's right, there's still no SD reader on this little guy; you'll have to step up to one of the two inch models for that.

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Other than that, there aren't any differences between the two sizes. Wrapping up our tour, the lot have sealed bottoms, which means the battery, memory slots and SSDs aren't user-replaceable. You'll also get support for both Bluetooth 4. Finally, this thing's got Intel Wireless Display on board for streaming p video to a high-def monitor or TV. You didn't think ASUS would have a change of heart when it came to accessories, did you?

You're on your own for full-sized HDMI. As for the power adapter, it's a small, boxy affair with a thin, non-removable cord on one end, and an outlet connector that can be detached -- not unlike Apple's power bricks.


Keyboard and trackpad We only wish it were such smooth sailing for people who took a chance on the original. If our review of the original Zenbook boiled down to "It's great, but ASUS clearly took these criticisms to heart, if this specimen we have before us is any indication.

With ASUS ZENBOOK UX21A ASIX LAN generation, the outfit's traded those flat, metal keys for something cushier, with deeper pitch and a little more bounce -- a 12 percent boost in travel, says ASUS. It's a classic case of function over form, really: This Windows machine, UX21E, doesn't look like much but that is deceiving. Case Do you believe in love at first sight?

Download ASUS ZENBOOK UX21A ASIX LAN Driver for Windows 7

This ASUS ZENBOOK UX21A ASIX LAN the headline that Asus uses on a large format banner over the Zenbook range on its German homepage. No matter how it's looked at, the body doesn't show any flaws in workmanship anywhere. The base unit is made up of one top part. The interfaces stick out on the right and left. The plate can be taken off by removing Torx screws.


Moreover, there is the claim of perfection and cleanliness. The big problem with WiDi is that there's perceptible lag between the laptop and TV, making it fine for set-it-and-forget-it video playback, but useless for gaming or real-time Web surfing.

It also can't play certain kinds of DRM-protected content, such as Blu-ray, and the current version tops out at a p-resolution signal. Is Intel's Wireless Display a game changer?

ASUS ZENBOOK UX21A ASIX LAN Drivers for Windows XP

Crave - CNET Well, mine will be here on Saturday, at which point I will replace the Japanese Windows 7 with an English-version Windows 7 Ultimate, most likely starting off with this guide as a reference: Having searched for UX21A, and not finding a dedicated thread thereto, I'm ASUS ZENBOOK UX21A ASIX LAN this.

Keyboard The keyboard works fine out of the box.

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The compose key can be enabled in Options Left Win and Right Win are good candidates for this. Multimedia keys Volume up, down, mute: This means that the brightness buttons won't work in Ubuntu any longer. Brightness workaround 2 in the Zenbook Prime wiki works fine for changing brightness.

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