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The Court noted that Congress "had substantial justification to conclude that pervasive discrimination existed whereby women were paid less than men for equal work. The Court concluded that the Equal Pay Act was "reasonably tailored Airis N630 Audio remedy intentional gender-based wage discrimination" and that its provisions, to the extent that they included "some constitutional conduct" within their prohibitions, were not "out of proportion to the harms that Congress intended to remedy Airis N630 Audio deter.

The Court declined to address defendants' argument, first raised on appeal in a one-sentence footnote, that Title VII's disparate impact provisions were not valid Section 5 legislation. The Court noted that previous decisions of this Circuit held that the extension of Title VII to the States was a valid exercise of Congress' Section 5 power and held that defendants had waived any argument that those decisions should be overruled Airis N630 Audio failing to brief the issue.

Defendants petitioned for certiorari limited to the question whether the Equal Pay Act contains a valid abrogation of their Eleventh Amendment immunity Sep.

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The Supreme Airis N630 Audio granted the petition and vacated this Court's prior decision for reconsideration in light of Kimel v. Florida Board Airis N630 Audio Regents, S. See Illinois State Univ. This Court ordered further briefing. Under the Constitution, the Court found, intentional age discrimination is presumptively valid, and usually constitutional; but the ADEA prohibits all age-based employment classifications subject to very limited affirmative defenses.

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Because the Court concluded that the ADEA outlaws very little conduct that is unconstitutional, it found Airis N630 Audio there would have to be some evidence of a pattern of unconstitutional conduct by the States to justify such a broad prophylactic remedy. The Equal Pay Act, Airis N630 Audio, outlaws very little conduct that would not be unconstitutional if practiced by the State. States plainly violate the Equal Protection Clause if they intentionally pay women less than men for equal work.

Table Of Authorities CRT Department of Justice

And, as this Court found, the Equal Pay Act is tailored to ferret out precisely this Airis N630 Audio of intentional discrimination. The modest burden-shifting scheme established in the Equal Pay Act simply presumes that if men and women are paid Airis N630 Audio wages for the same work, and if the employer cannot show that any factor other than gender explains the disparity, then the employer's action is motivated by gender.

This is a reasonable means of detecting and remedying intentional discrimination.

Because the Equal Pay Act is tailored to enforce the Equal Protection Clause's ban on intentional discrimination, there was Airis N630 Audio need for Congress to have before it the evidence of widespread constitutional violations Airis N630 Audio States, which might have been appropriate if it had enacted more far reaching legislation. In any event, the legislative record of the Equal Pay Act and of other anti-discrimination legislation from the same time period confirms that Congress had before it ample evidence that sex discrimination by state employers was a serious problem.

Florida Dep't of Transp.

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Airis N630 Audio This Court and six other courts of appeals had previously upheld the Equal Pay Act. This Court should reaffirm its earlier judgment that the extension of the Equal Pay Act to the States is a valid exercise of Congress' power under Section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment to enforce the Equal Protection Clause.

This Court previously held that defendants had waived their right to challenge Title VII's prohibition on unjustified disparate impacts on the basis of sex. That holding Airis N630 Audio the law of the case, and there is no reason for the Court to reach a different result now. Assuming this Court decides to reach the issue, Airis N630 Audio, it Airis N630 Audio hold, consistent with its prior holdings and with every other court of appeals that has addressed the question, that the disparate impact provisions of Title VII are a valid exercise of Congress' Section 5 power.

Defendants no longer dispute that Congress unequivocally expressed its intent to abrogate the States' immunity in the Equal Pay Act. This Court properly rejected that argument in its previous decision, see Varner, F.

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As we noted in our initial brief Airis N630 Audio. This Court recently relied on this very principle Airis N630 Audio upholding the removal of Eleventh Amendment immunity in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEAexplaining that Congress did what it could to ensure that states participating in the IDEA are amenable to suit in federal court. That the power comes from the spending clause rather than as Congress may have supposed the commerce clause or the fourteenth amendment is not relevant to the issue whether the national government possesses the asserted authority.

Otherwise we require the legislature to play games "guess which clause the judiciary will think most appropriate".

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What matters, or at least should Airis N630 Audio, is the extent of national power, rather than the extent of legislative prevision. Nothing in Kimel casts doubt on that conclusion.

In Kimel, the Court reaffirmed that the central inquiry in determining whether legislation is a valid exercise of Congress' Section 5 authority is whether the legislation is an appropriate means of deterring or remedying constitutional violations or whether it is "so out of proportion to a supposed remedial objective that it cannot be understood as responsive to, or designed to prevent, unconstitutional behavior. The Supreme Court also emphasized in Kimel Airis N630 Audio "[t]he appropriateness of remedial measures Airis N630 Audio be considered in light of the evil presented.

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This Court properly applied these principles in upholding the Equal Pay Act. The "evil" targeted by the Equal Pay Act is intentional sex discrimination in wages.

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Airis N630 Audio prevail Airis N630 Audio an Equal Pay Act claim, an employee must first prove unequal pay for "equal work on jobs the performance of which requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and which are performed under similar working conditions," 29 U. Once an employee has proven equal work and unequal pay, an employer may avoid liability by showing that the wage differentials are based on a seniority system, a merit system, a system that awards compensation based on quantity or quality of production, or "on any other factor other than sex.

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