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Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet Driver

Advantech, Single Board Computers Intel i5 U " MI/O-Compact SBC, 4GB Intel, Intel iU, GHz, 4 GB, Audio, Ethernet, GPIO, HDMI, I2C, . AIMB, Intel, Intel Celeron U, GHz, 16 GB, Serial, 12 V, 0 C, + 60 C, AIMB is with low profile Mini-ITX design of only mm in height and with a rich card holder, 2 x Serial Slots, 8-bit GPIO, 2 x Mini PCIe expansion slots, and two Intel LAN sockets. Автор: Advantech Опубликовано November 23, AIMB incorporates the next-generation, Intel 5th Gen Core i slots, 8-bit GPIO, 2 x Mini PCIe expansion slots, and two Intel LAN sockets.

Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet Driver Windows XP

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Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet Driver

Always completely disconnect the power cord from the chassis when working with the hardware. Do not connect devices while the power is on. Sensitive electronic components can be damaged by Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet power surges. Only experienced electronics personnel should open the PC chassis. Always ground yourself to remove any static charge before touching the motherboard.

Modern electronic devices are very sensitive to electrostatic discharges.

Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet Driver for Windows Download

As a safety precaution, use a grounding wrist strap at all times. Place all electronic components on a static-dissipative surface or in a static-shielded bag when not in Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet chassis. The computer is provided with a battery-powered real-time clock circuit. There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced.

Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. There is a danger of a new battery exploding if incorrectly installed.

Discard used batteries according to the manufacturer s instructions. A jumper is a metal bridge used to close an electrical circuit. Jumpers typically consist of two metal pins and a small metal clip often protected by a plastic cover that slides over the pins to connect them.

Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboards - 17x17cm

To close or turn ON a jumper, connect the pins with the clip. To open or turn OFF a jumper, simply remove the clip.

Some jumpers comprise a set of three pins, labeled 1, 2, and 3. With these jumpers, simply connect either Pins 1 and 2, or Pins 2 and 3.

Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet Driver

This jumper is typically set with Pins 1 and 2 being closed. This procedure resets the CMOS to its default settings. Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet default setting is RS Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet the system is installed with several cards or the chassis is packed, partial removal of the card may be necessary to make all connections. Such ports can be connected to serial devices, such as a mouse or printer, or to a communications network. The IRQ and address ranges for both ports are fixed.

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However, users can disable the port or change the parameters via the Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet BIOS setup. Users who experience problems with a serial device are advised check the connector pin assignments. Chapter 2 Connecting Peripherals 2. If no external speaker is available, the AIMB provides an onboard buzzer as an alternative. Refer to Appendix B for detailed information regarding the pin assignments.

Advantech AIMB-231 Intel Ethernet Treiber

The key lock button cable should be connected to Pins 4 and 5. Three power supply connection modes exist. The third is another AT power mode that involves the front panel power switch. The status differences indicated by the power LED are listed in the following table:

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