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Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset Driver

Jawbone's edition of Era ($$) is the latest in the company's long line of Bluetooth headsets. Despite sharing a name with its direct. Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset: Australian Review Apr 29, , pm The Jawbone ERA is a small, powerful Bluetooth headset. How to pair your Jawbone ERA Bluetooth headset with your cell phone.

Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset Drivers PC

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Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset Driver

I could still hear the person on the other end amid the noise, too, thanks to Jawbone's NoiseAssassin 4. The audio-assistant functionality is also easy and entertaining to use.

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It worked seamlessly when my smartphone was nearby, promptly making phone calls "call mom" and telling me directions when asked. It's compatible with both Siri and Google Now.

However, it was slightly less reliable when my phone was in the kitchen and I was in the living room, mostly due to obstacles with getting around the lock screen which would set into place. Meanwhile, Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset started as a basic test to see whether I could get through an episode of a streaming TV show turned into a much longer binge session. I was able to still hear conversations around me without ever taking the device out, and it remained comfortable throughout the duration.

When we turned music on, however, our Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset sounded more robotic to our listener. In direct comparisons with the prior Era, the NoiseAssassin 4.

Jawbone Era (2014)

The small plastic housing is made to hang from a keychain, with a snap-equipped strap at one end. Era connects, and then folds down, resting inside.

Driver for Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset

In fact, the gadget is so small and inconspicuous it's the first product of its kind I'd seriously consider wearing without fear of judgment on the ruthlessly fashion-conscious streets of New York. Not much larger than a piece of bubblegum, or perhaps very big pill, the Era's rectangular body is downright minuscule.

In fact Jawbone claims this fresh creation is 42 percent smaller than its predecessor, the original Era. Its six-gram weight is all but nonexistent as well.

New Driver: Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset

Essentially a little black bar also available in silver, Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset, and red the Era consists of an earbud and soft silicone ear gel cover, and a power switch. The Era is tiny but packs lots of noise-suppression hardwear. The company has dubbed the solution NoiseAssassin 4.

It's also worth noting that we're yet to test it with Siri, which could obviously affect our impressions. But one thing for certain is that the futuristic ideal of simply controlling your digital life via a Bluetooth earpiece is like crude oil - it needs a lot of refining Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset it will be a practical solution.

Jawbone Era TechRadar

Juicing up Jawbone proclaims you'll get four hours of talk time from the Era, with 10 hours of standby, which should be enough for you to plug the device in your ear and leave it there for most of the working day. In practicality, when you're actually using the device a lot, either for listening to music or attempting Google Now searches or talking to people on the phone, the battery does tend to die off fairly quickly.

You may get through Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset working hours of your day with the Era embedded in your ear, but you might not.

If you're happy to take a break from it occasionally - and you'll want to do that to keep it comfortable - it won't be a problem. We'd love to see Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset battery life doubled for true convenience, but the simple fact is that battery technology just isn't up to par. The fact that you can get four hours from such a small device is pretty impressive, when you actually think about it.

Jawbone Era review: A new leader for discreet Bluetooth dialing - CNET

Jawbone is selling two versions of the Era - one with a miniature charging dock that holds a full charge and a half for the headset, which should help anyone on the road make it through the full day - and one without. Verdict The market for Bluetooth headsets was never quite mainstream. But while the early days of the category were Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset with large, cumbersome devices, the modern release of the Jawbone Era shows that Bluetooth earpieces can be small and discreet.

Of course, the Era is also competing with some excellent Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset in stereo headsets, which offer advantages in both audio streaming and battery life thanks to their extra size. With the advent of voice control services like Siri, Google Now and Cortanathere is definitely the possibility that we'll see Bluetooth headsets become much more common.

But before that happens, the services themselves need to become a lot more reliable, and the software that interfaces with them needs a robust improvement. We liked This thing is small and lightweight, and that is a win over the stigma usually associated Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset Bluetooth headsets. Well designed and well built, it feels sturdy in your ear, and the silicone earpiece you plug into your ear never feels like it's about to fall off.

Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset Windows

Jawbone's NoiseAssassin technology is pretty impressive too.

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