White (Russia)

For a long time the word “bulk” was synonymous with “good”, unpressed called tea of any variety, in an effort to emphasize its quality. In fact, “black tea” – the same oxymoron as “hot snow” or “living dead” because “bulk” means “with white hairs”. And why – white tea, which do have these white lint or “Bai Hao”, in China has long been considered rare and expensive. Here sellers and praised their goods, earnestly saying, “Bai Hao”, “Bai Hao”, and Russian merchants innocently aired these harmonies.

While collecting raw materials for white tea pay special attention to the selection of the leaves. Usually for white tea are harvested only the youngest poursuivies the leaves of the first harvest, half-white hairs tea

buds open. For elite white teas going either only the top leaf (tips), or tips, plus another one following it leaf. The degree of processing, white teas are low. Production grade white tea consists of only two steps, so They are considered to be poorly fermented, as podvjalivajutsja in the sun and warmed up before being dried and thereby acquires a slight degree of fermentation. On sousetsu the color of the leaves should remain green or gray-green), white color of the bottom leaves should be clearly visible. Despite the seeming simplicity of preparation, the sheet used for this tea, very whimsical. All processes are done manually.

White tea has such variety: White peony, Green snow, Silver needle, Bai Cha and other varieties.

Grows this tea in the provinces of Fujian, Anhui.

After brewing white tea has a pale yellow or greenish-yellow color and delicate floral, slightly herbal aroma.

White teas when brewed transparent yellow infusion with a delicate taste and fine aroma. White tea is distributed almost exclusively in China and is considered one of the most exquisite (and expensive) teas. Because white tea is inaccessible to ordinary people, the Chinese, there is even a bitter-ironic saying something like “He’s drinking white tea”, which means he went through some difficult times, where “white tea” in a figurative sense, means a Cup of plain hot water.

White tea due to the high content of vitamins, amino acids and pectin helps rejuvenate the body.

Brewing white tea should definitely soft and not too hot water (60-70C). Since it has a particular concentration of essential oils, giving it an exquisite aroma, brewing too hot water will kill these wonderful smells. The brewing time is extremely short, usually not more than 2 minutes.

Tea is brewed in the gaiwan or teapot to 1 minute at temperatures up to 70C° to 250 mils 5-8G of tea. You can brew 3-5 times or more, all depends on the quality.

A key component in how to brew white tea is water. Water should be clean, soft, it is advisable to get her to settle and pass it through special filters.

The second component of the proper way to prepare white tea – the water temperature. Tea should be brewed at a low temperature, do not use boiling water, as it kills all essential oils and fragrance.

The third component – the period of brewing – it needs to be as short as possible, no more than 3 minutes.

Only the combination of these components will give white tea is the taste and aroma for which he is considered elite. So, how to brew white tea:

You need to boil water.

A little heated kettle or haivan.

Add the tea leaves into the teapot (2 parts tea to 8 parts water)

Pour boiling water over tea temperatures up to 70C, don’t forget to stop

Give the drink sit for 1 minute

Bottled white tea.

The result is a sophisticated drink pale-yellow or green-yellow color with a lovely slim and delicate fragrance that combines notes of herbs and flowers. Compared with other teas with a more pronounced flavor, white tea has a light aura, and before you drink it, you have to bring your face a Cup of this drink to feel the full range.Thus, it is very important to know how to brew white tea.

Due to the absence of thermal processing, white tea retains maximum nutrients, among which are those vitamins that are lost during the production of green tea. Fresh and high-quality white tea effectively strengthens the immune system, promotes wound healing, increases blood clotting, prevents the development of tumors, cardiovascular disease and caries. Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of white tea two times higher than in green. White tea contains a lot of tannins and extractives, very little caffeine and tannin and a distinct aroma, light yellow or pale, barely noticeable beige color infusion.

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