What are the benefits and harms of black tea.

If you start analyzing the benefits and harms of black tea, you should pay attention to the small content of caffeine in this drink that does not have such drastic effects on the body, like coffee or green tea. But sometimes this amount is sufficient to increase blood pressure and health, and also improves attention and concentration. Using black tea to produce a wiping of the eyes, and this simple procedure will protect you from many eye diseases, including conjunctivitis.

Still from black tea may be the benefits and harms. And the greatest harm

black tea can have if consumed frequently in large quantities. And the dangers of black tea is the body supplied with fluorine, and especially harmful strong black tea. Be oversaturated with fluorine can such people, who, not realizing the dangers of black tea, drink liters during the day. This diet is practiced by office workers, arranging frequent tea, and black tea is brewed quite strong. So you still don’t know everything about the harm and benefit of black tea, you should look for information on this topic, to avoid negative consequences.

High concentrations of fluoride in the body can lead to various bone diseases, therefore, harmful than black tea and it is the concentration of fluorine in frequency, and volume used. So we have to be careful when increasing doses of consumption of black tea so that it is not brought the expected benefits, real harm. More about how harmful black tea, you can tell eye doctors who are well aware of the increased pressure in the eyes with excessive consumption of strong black tea.

The harm from black tea may become noticeable in people with hypertensive heart disease and arrhythmias, as this drink is capable of thickening the blood. Besides the blood can slowly move the vessels, which also suggests that sometimes black tea is harmful. For people with varicose dilated veins that blood flow can be dangerous. When excessive consumption of black tea can be formed gouty deposits, so that people with atherosclerosis should refrain from its consumption.

When studying the use of green and black tea, it can be noted that the useful properties of these drinks is about the same. But green tea contains more trace minerals and vitamin and also the impact on the body is a bit stronger. Therefore, black tea can be consumed more often than his green counterpart, but don’t forget about some negative factors.

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