Useful properties of the match

Match — this is a kind of healing chifir ‘ from green tea. Cultivated and we drink it is no coincidence, because of the match — a storehouse of useful vitamins and microelements. Our tea bushes grow in the shade, under a canopy, and because their leaves have more chlorophyll — the green substance (picture right), useful for our body a mass of antioxidants.

When we drink regular green tea, we throw away the tea leaves immediately after the meal; it’s like cook the spinach, throw it away and drink the resulting broth is the proportion of nutrients you get, but a good part of the nutrients will go to waste. But the match we drink in powder form, dissolved in the liquid, so throw out anything not necessary — we take

everything from tea!

sea of antioxidants

Our little superhero contains 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea! Incredible!

Their number may be measured by ORAC, which reflects the ability of the products to fight free radicals that accelerate aging and damage the cells of the body. The table ORAC match takes pride of place, steadily overtaking the majority “irreplaceable” foods such as spinach, blueberries and broccoli!

Relieve stress and energize

Match contains two special amino acids, theophylline and L-theanine. As with any green tea, matcha, organic contains caffeine, but unlike coffee, match it interacts with acids to charge you with energy for 6 hours. Stimulating the alpha rhythms of the brain, L-theanine helps to stay awake, but at the same time calm ¹ ; no wonder Buddhist monks drink of the match from time immemorial. In addition, a study conducted in Japan in 1999 ² year, confirmed the ability of L-theanine to increase.

academic excellence;



Content in tea L-theanine also depends on its class and in tea the highest grade (such as ours) this wonderful amino acid most 1.


For anybody not a secret that there are only two ways to lose weight is to either eat less or increase energy expenditure (i.e., exercise more and burn more calories). Looking at the number of cookies and cakes, tuck in the teapigs office, we find the first option, shall we say, heavy. But, fortunately, we have matcha. can help with the second approach. One study published in 1999 in the American journal of clinical nutrition showed that green tea can increase thermogenesis by 35−43%, and thermogenesis, in turn, is one of the ways of consumption ³. The conclusion is that consumption of green tea increases daytime energy (i.e. burn more calories) — all without getting off the couch! Amazing!

And yet, a 2008 study revealed that consumption of green tea increases fat oxidation during exercise of moderate intensity 4. So if you decided to train a little, why not try a Cup of the match for half an hour before school starts?

healthy skin

Green tea is organically contains polyphenols. This circumstance is little that will tell you or us, but smart people from Alabama a & m University found that the polyphenols consumed together with green tea, prevent skin exposure to the ultraviolet rays 5. As you know, the sun’s UV rays can damage the epidermis, call it aging and even lead to skin cancer. Polyphenols prevent the disease of the skin and help it look young and beautiful. Sounds great!

and finally.

If that’s not enough, the study control group avid chepelev, published in the British medical journal, found that frequent consumption of green tea (10+ cups a day) may prevent cardiovascular disease and liver disorders” 6.

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