Useful properties of green tea Sencha

Sencha green tea (or “Sencha”, if to speak more precisely) – native Japan, where he actually grows and is harvested, and further successfully exported all over the world. Sencha – enough tea small leaf, it has a more pronounced aroma and a pleasant sweet-bitter flavour nuances. In addition, the color of this Sencha should be pale green, not yellow, and so for its beneficial properties tea Sencha is undoubtedly the leader among its other green tea counterparts.

The oral hygiene

Green tea – a natural source of fluoride or fluoride compounds,

therefore, it strongly contributes to the prevention of caries and actively strengthens tooth enamel. Sencha also prevents the formation of plaque on teeth and fights bacterial infections of the oral cavity. If you suddenly found yourself in a situation where you don’t have a toothbrush and toothpaste, a Cup of Sencha tea is very freshening your breath.

Strengthening the immune system

Like any of the green teas, Sencha – it is anti-inflammatory and antiviral miracle remedy with powerful antioxidant (antioxidant) properties, and as you know, antioxidants are correct and make up for the damage caused to the body by free radicals. The most popular antioxidants are vitamins C and E. Now, the antioxidant properties of tea, Sencha superior to vitamin C nearly 100 times, and vitamin E – almost 25 times. The most powerful antioxidants in green tea – it catechins, they also contain the usual black tea, but green still much more we can say a record number. And nutritionists say that Sencha – this is an excellent source of L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation of the body and has a lot of positive effects on brain activity.

Disease prevention

Sencha green tea has amazing qualities, lowering the pressure, and the level of malicious “bad” cholesterol. We can say that it is the perfect natural remedy to prevent so prevalent nowadays cardiovascular diseases. Sencha stabilizes blood sugar in diabetes, helps to cleanse the skin (teenagers note!), and, according to some experts, in fact, cures and prevents the development of cancer. Many researchers, doctors now study closely the positive effect Sencha tea on patients with different types of leukemia.

Mental health

In accordance with the ancient tradition of green tea is used in practicing yoga or other meditation practices, which are known to soothe the body and cleanse the mind. Sencha – mild stimulant that does not cause hyperactivity, sleep problems or restlessness (such as caffeine), rather it calms, relaxes, but at the same time it gives clarity to the brain. With the sachet or sachets of green tea Sencha is possible to prepare a relaxing and soothing bath at the end of a busy day, full of stress and problems at work.

Use in the home

Inventive mistresses, of course, will find a use for this tea. Sleeping tea to water the plants, and its leaf residues to use as fertilizer. Tealeaf is used by women as a moisturizing and smoothing mask for neck and face. And the rest of the tea is dried and backfilled in the shoes for several days to remove the unpleasant smell, as well as getting rid of specific “Shoe” bacteria and microorganisms.

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