Useful properties of green CA

Green tea is recognized as the first of 10 foods that promote health and longevity. Minimal processing of this tea retains most of the vitamins, minerals and other bioactive substances that affect all organs and systems of the human body.

Scientifically proven ability of tea to strengthen the immune system, relieve spasms of cerebral vessels, strengthen the heart, improve sleep, strengthen the nervous system, relieve depression, increase sexual energy and to fight obesity. Remain still unexplored mechanisms of anticancer and radioprotective action of tea, but the tea benefits in these cases is undeniable. Perhaps the tea helps prevent cancer by cleansing the blood and

strengthening immunity. About the radiation effect of green tea is supported by the fact that the residents of Hiroshima, regularly drinking several cups of green tea a day, not only survived the explosion, but also to improve their condition. Japanese green tea has the ability to absorb and excrete strontium-90, even if he managed to become embedded in the bone tissue. By the way, modern man, surrounded by emanations from computers, television and other appliances, and breathing the city’s air, you just need regular consumption of green tea, possessing valuable properties.

In addition to the normalization of the body, and green tea is powerful spiritual stimulant. This is why green tea and Oolong tea in Chinese and Japanese tea ceremony. During the ceremony, the tea helps to maximize concentration and openness to new ideas. There are cases when a Cup of tea comes the understanding of the problem and its completely non-standard solution. High quality tea is a mild stimulant that regulate mental processes without causing harm to the body. By regular consumption of green tea is exacerbated vision and increased susceptibility of the nervous system, increases the rate of reaction, accelerates the thinking process is enhanced by the ability to long concentration and stimulates creativity.

Tea makes us resistant to stress and improves mood in depression. All this can be explained by cleansing the blood of toxins, but much nicer to realize that along with the tea we pour in a mysterious, magical essence. Tea connoisseurs will note that the conversation over tea different from everyday talk and reveal the interlocutor with the best hand. However, such remarkable properties have only fresh and properly cooked tea.

Despite the fact that on the packaging of tea, you specify the retention period from one year to three, three-year tea is much inferior in taste and beneficial properties of fresh. Buying tea, you should make it a rule to look at the date of production. Information on the package will help you to avoid another trouble – flavorings. The fact that green tea had to add the “identical to natural flavorings”, makes you wonder about its quality (or age). Even if present in tea additives such as Jasmine, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, fruit pieces, lemon peel and other beautiful things, it is better to consult the information on the packaging. Perhaps these supplements are only covering the use of flavorings.

It should not be assumed that the green tea – this is a new and unusual product to Russia. Green tea has been popular in Russia long before it learned of Europe. Only in the 19th century, following the English fashion, the Russians massively switched to black tea. Love of black tea and the tradition of cooking «Russian» often interfere to realize the fact that black tea is made from the same tea leaves that green, but undergoes additional processing, making it less useful.

The most common mistake when brewing green tea ’ s use of “the traditional Russian way”, in which the tea leaves are harvested in advance in a large teapot, brewing for a long time, diluted with boiling water to taste and flavored with sugar. The taste of black tea is difficult to spoiled by improper cooking, so this economical way to many it seems only right. Green tea is softer and richer. It requires special attention. It’s not surprising that green tea so few admirers in Russia – it is difficult to get pleasure from bitter liquid lime-yellow color with a pungent smell… in addition, with this method of brewing tea loses all useful properties and even becomes harmful. It is pointless to force yourself to drink improperly prepared tea for weight loss.

To enjoy green tea, need soft water with no odors. In no event it is impossible to bring water to a boil even when brewing black tea. Green tea is much thinner than the black, and too hot water will destroy its flavor, aroma and beneficial properties. 80-85C – the ideal water temperature for green teas. It is best to infuse tea in a small clay pot. It is difficult to make recommendations about the amount of tea leaves and time of infusion, because it depends on the type of tea and the time of its collection, the softness of the water and personal preference. For starters, you can brew one teaspoon of tea per 100ml of water if the taste is not enough bright, next time to increase the dose.

The taste of each tea are determined empirically. Requires an extensive experience and expertise to properly prepare tea with strangers first time. The only thing you should remember when preparing green tea – the time of infusion should not exceed 10 seconds. (Of course, you can follow the instructions on the packaging and brew for 3-4 minutes, but who will like the result?) Many varieties of green tea become bitter even with the seasoning for 3-4 seconds. Dilute the tea with water negates its beneficial properties. Adding sugar tea equates to the compote, which is a good thing, but makes sense, especially if the tea is expensive. High quality teas can withstand up to 15 re-zavarivanje. That’s why the pot should be small.

With all its advantages, tea has contraindications: excessive sensitivity to caffeine and dependence on caffeine. Sensitivity to caffeine may be an individual that is very rare, and situational: during exacerbation of peptic ulcer, hypertension, kidney disease, glaucoma, psychasthenia and any and all diseases accompanied by high fever. With a cold you should drink a Cup of weak green tea. Pregnant and nursing green tea is not recommended in large quantities, but a few cups of high quality tea a day will benefit. Young children are very sensitive to tea. 10-12 years old children are not necessary to be fond of strong tea, but a weak infusion of green tea will provide children with vitamins and other nutrients.

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