Traditional Buryat tea

Dairy products are consumed by Buryats not only in themselves, they serve as a condiment for other dishes, especially tea. However, I must say that the current balaganskii Buryats (the First publication was done in 1958-1960) tea is used quite often in Russian. They brought samovars, tea, etc. But in many other places tea is still brewed in a special way in the boilers.

This tea is called  “tea, boiled in the pot”, or “zutarians” . unlike tea, prepared in Russian. The latter, i.e. “zutarians” or “tea, boiled in the pot”, was once the only common between the Buryats drink. This tea is prepared as follows. In the pot fried round bread and then pounded it in a mortar to make flour. Then into the pot, pour water and put it in residua of tea or a new tea, and water is boiled. When the water will boil and put in her residua of tea or the tea is brewed, then fluid from the boiler scoop into another bowl, and the pot put the sour cream and cook Salamat (cooked cream). In Salamat pour in a little water and prevent producing more oil.

Sometimes put finely meal fat and prevent, and then gradually pour in Salamat tea and slowly stirred. Turns out the so-called togans or zatarans . Actually it’s not tea and soup, but somewhere in between, but quite tasty and nutritious.

Subsequently to jam Salamat’t started to use the flour of fried bread, is quite difficult to prepare, and Salamat brewed with ordinary flour, and thereby significantly reduce the work. Of course, still Buryats, yet didn’t know bread, flour prepared from the roots of plants, and tea is also brewed from the roots of plants.

Used plants of passage . maharana . During sagata-ABA from the fat of dead animals and flour from the roots of plants did Bon and cooked it in the current form of porridge. This mess is gradually diluted tea made also from plant roots, and drank as a tea, especially in winter as a warming. Subsequently, when the Buryats cattle and therefore dairy foods, then Salamat began to prepare the sour cream and flour from the roots of plants, but by force of habit there and put finely fat meal.

Subsequently, the Buryats from the Russians borrowed the consumption of bread, from which primitive way began to make flour, and from it to prepare tea, but still. Then, when they met with real flour and learned how to prepare baked bread, then left her difficult, troublesome and primitive cooking flour, began to grind flour and from it prepare the same tea, not only from the roots of plants and from this tea. Subsequently, they gradually brought the samovar, copper kettles, etc. and gradually began to leave the national tea.

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