White (Russia)

For a long time the word “bulk” was synonymous with “good”, unpressed called tea of any variety, in an effort to emphasize its quality. In fact, “black tea” – the same oxymoron as “hot snow” or “living dead” because “bulk” means “with white hairs”. And why – white tea, which do have these white lint or “Bai Hao”, in China has long been considered rare and expensive. Here sellers and praised their goods, earnestly saying, “Bai Hao”, “Bai Hao”, and Russian merchants innocently aired these harmonies.

While collecting raw materials for white tea pay special attention to the selection of the leaves. Usually for white tea are harvested only the youngest poursuivies the leaves of the first harvest, half-white hairs tea

buds open. For elite white teas going either only the top leaf (tips), or tips, plus another one following it leaf. The degree of processing, white teas are low. Production grade white tea consists of only two steps, so They are considered to be poorly fermented, as podvjalivajutsja in the sun and warmed up before being dried and thereby acquires a slight degree of fermentation. Continue reading

Useful properties of green CA

Green tea is recognized as the first of 10 foods that promote health and longevity. Minimal processing of this tea retains most of the vitamins, minerals and other bioactive substances that affect all organs and systems of the human body.

Scientifically proven ability of tea to strengthen the immune system, relieve spasms of cerebral vessels, strengthen the heart, improve sleep, strengthen the nervous system, relieve depression, increase sexual energy and to fight obesity. Remain still unexplored mechanisms of anticancer and radioprotective action of tea, but the tea benefits in these cases is undeniable. Perhaps the tea helps prevent cancer by cleansing the blood and

strengthening immunity. About the radiation effect of green tea is supported by the fact that the residents of Hiroshima, regularly drinking several cups of green tea a day, not only Continue reading

Ginger tea for weight loss with recipes

Ginger is not only widely known Oriental spices, giving a spicy taste to the dishes, but also a wonderful therapeutic tool.

This plant contains a huge amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and containing in its composition of essential oil promotes blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, allowing the ginger, along with a quick diet

has been widely used in the fight against excess weight.

Indications for use

Most often ginger tea is used not for weight loss, but to maintain the body in good shape, as well as for preventing and fighting colds.

This drink has the following useful properties:

☀ uplifting, body tone, clarifies thoughts;

☀ increases appetite and accelerates metabolism;

☀ allows you to perceive the taste of food is much brighter, so prized among lovers of a varied diet;

☀ improves circulation, and therefore, Continue reading

Healing properties of green tea
Ingredients green tea Modern scientific studies provide increasing evidence of the therapeutic effects of green tea on human health. Along with the wonderful taste and delicate aroma, green tea contains…

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Chokolate Slim
A comprehensive review of natural remedies for weight loss "Chocolate slim": the use, composition, how to apply, results, reviews. Chocolate Slim ― new delicious dietary product based on natural ingredients…

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Food processors Kenwood
Kenwood KHH326 MultiOne WH Weight: 5.28 kg Size (cm): 29.0 x 24.7 x 40.0 Bowl size (total): 4.3 litres Capacity - cake: 1.6 kg Capacity - dough: 500g Capacity -…

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