Coffee and Cocoa from the Dominican Republic

Dominican coffee

Very sweet and very strong. It is served in a small Cup of espresso with sugar, because the coffee is so strong that it can “get the eye” until you get used to it, but the real Dominican connoisseurs say that the dilution of the coffee sugar takes its natural taste. Also, many Dominicans like coffee with milk. In the Dominican Republic there is no specific time of day to drink coffee, it can be offered at any time of the day.

A distinctive feature of Dominican coffee is an extremely high quality of even the most simple and affordable national brand.

No need to look for the word Premium on the packaging or a mark of quality of export products, to buy high-quality coffee, as in some other countries-manufacturers of coffee, where the crop is intended for export only, and the locals get the rest.

Dominican coffee is well-deserved source of national pride and drink it all. The rejection Continue reading

Green tea benefits and harms

About the useful and harmful properties of Imperial drink: green tea as a rejuvenator

For the quality and excellent taste of this drink in the East is often called the Imperial. In the West its therapeutic and rejuvenating properties reflected in another name — “living water”. Today, many prefer green tea: the benefits and harms of this drink is still under review, are taken into account when consuming, widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Home application can not only toning and instill courage and strength: its properties do not end here. Prevention of many diseases, improve the condition of damaged hair and skin problem that can give miraculous green tea all dedicated.

About the benefits of Imperial beverage

Many mysteries fraught with Imperial beverage: is there caffeine Continue reading

New old tea recipes

It is no secret that in the view of many people, tea is always seen in the image of a fragrant Cup of brewed leaves Golden or dark shade. But few know that this drink is not as boring and monotonous as it seems at first glance. And numerous recipes that tea can make an entire cookbook.

What combinations not man has invented over the centuries! They not only enrich the sense of taste, but also add to the beneficial properties of tea for more valuable quality.

The most common combination of tea with milk, honey or cream. Milk and cream give the tea a subtle sophistication, leaving a pleasant caramel

taste. The honey adds a subtle flavor and enriches the drink with essential vitamins.

The most pleasant combination — tea with different fruits and berries. These tea recipes are simple and easy to prepare at home. Just add the tea infusion Apple slices, cranberries or juice of ripe pineapples, tea and tea will turn into a fragrant, delicious and healthy drink! Depending on the purpose, you can add fruits Continue reading

Healing properties of green tea
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565 Green tea with rosemary, mint and lavender 100 g
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Homemade liqueurs for Christmas holiday
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