Ginger tea – a recipe by rose

Ginger tea — the recipe with rose hips

Prepare useful drink any time of the year – ginger tea. Recipe with rose hips and honey!

Ginger tea – the benefits and harms

Just listed, why to drink ginger tea:

1. Perfectly tones, invigorates.

2. Promotes weight loss as ginger improves digestion.

3. It is proved that gingerol – a substance that is contained in ginger, improves circulation and accelerates the metabolism.

4. Useful for colds.

Ginger tea during pregnancy

Whether pregnant ginger tea? Dear future moms! Don’t look for the answers to this question on the Internet, if you value your baby! The ginger is very much against this. What can one categorically forbidden to others.

Here is a small list, when you can’t drink ginger tea:

1. Chronic Continue reading

For a good mood cook cocoa

I remember in my early childhood, my grandmother took a small saucepan, pour into it the milk and got out of the locker box with a brown powder, and in my head flashed a lucky guess: “Soon shall we drink cocoa!”. The only thing didn’t like is film-foam formed on the surface of the cooling drink. As an adult, I learned a lot of other recipes of making it, and not only milk, but the grandmother’s cocoa, still seems to me special If until now

You were only drinking tea or coffee, we offer You to get acquainted closer with cocoa.

What is cocoa?

Cacao is an evergreen tree fruit from which to extract seeds – beans, grind in the same powder. It is crushed cocoa beans are used to prepare the drink, as well as in the confectionery industry for the creation of chocolate, candy, cakes, etc. Besides that ready to drink cocoa has a very pleasant taste, it is also extremely Continue reading

Green tea beneficial properties and contraindications

How nice to spend your free time with a Cup of green tea. It warms the winter nights and helps you relax. His birthplace is China, he was considered a true drink of emperors and demand in Chinese medicine. Already then it became known about the benefits of green tea. The leaves and green and black tea grow on one Bush. But processing the collected leaves is different, this is the main difference.

Essential oils provide a special aroma. He encourages us to enjoy the process and experience an effect similar to meditation. Health improves, irritation disappears.

Felt a burst of energy, you receive the inspiration, the desire to work and give good results. In this article we will describe the benefits of green tea and contraindications to its use.

Useful properties of green tea

Green tea is good in its composition. The composition of this tea comes with a considerable Continue reading

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