Kudin tea

That herbs and plants possess valuable and useful properties, mankind have been convinced for a long time. Today, many prefer to deal with their disease not traditional drugs, which tend to disrupt the functioning of the immune system, and with the help of traditional medicine.

Historical facts about tea Kudin

Kuding tea is widely used in China and known since the time of the Eastern Han dynasty. History tells that during the reign of the Chinese Emperor tan Timbo him the son of Heaven, once attained, Jan Guffey, issued a decree that on a certain date was prepared recipe of beauty.

One of his messengers, Jan Quantin, in search of this recipe, heard about the magical properties of tea Kudin, who has had a rejuvenating effect. Miracle tea can be purchased in one of the monasteries on Sukosan. In this monastery Jan Quantin got a keg of tea and delivered to the destination. Continue reading

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