Traditional Buryat tea

Dairy products are consumed by Buryats not only in themselves, they serve as a condiment for other dishes, especially tea. However, I must say that the current balaganskii Buryats (the First publication was done in 1958-1960) tea is used quite often in Russian. They brought samovars, tea, etc. But in many other places tea is still brewed in a special way in the boilers.

This tea is called  “tea, boiled in the pot”, or “zutarians” . unlike tea, prepared in Russian. The latter, i.e. “zutarians” or “tea, boiled in the pot”, was once the only common between the Buryats drink. This tea is prepared as follows. In the pot fried round bread and then pounded it in a mortar to make flour. Then into the pot, pour water and put it in residua of tea or a new tea, Continue reading

Cocoa useful properties

The cocoa tree (lat. Theobroma cacao)

The Aztecs believed that chocolate tree gave them the God Quetzalcoatl (Quetzalcoatl) – freedom-loving half-bird of prey who created the world. Without going into

the intricacies of the Aztec Pantheon of gods, you will agree that cocoa due to the huge number of useful properties, great taste worthy of divine origin.

The region

Cocoa powder extracted from the fruit of the cacao tree (lat. Theobroma cacao), which grows only in a few places in the world. The climate for growth and fruiting cacao tree needs to be hot and humid. Cacao trees need to grow in shade and for ease of collection not to exceed a height of 4–5 metres. All of these conditions are possible only in a few countries: Brazil, Ecuador, côte d’’ivoire, Venezuela, Malaysia, Ghana, Continue reading

Homemade liqueurs for Christmas holiday

New year is approaching and every woman thinks new year’s eve menu and selects their Christmas recipes . I am no exception. I already have a small menu, but not enough drinks. I already wrote about the warming drinks. and now offer you several recipes of liquors for the new year holiday.

Homemade liqueur Baileys

Of course, the Baileys liqueur can buy, but it’s interesting to cook. Moreover, it is quite simple. But if you, like me don’t like alcohol, then the alcohol can be added to taste.

To prepare homemade Baileys Liqueur we need:

4 eggs

0,5 teaspoons of almond extract (if any)

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

2 teaspoons chocolate syrup

2 teaspoons granulated coffee

1 Bank of condensed milk

1.5 Stena good vodka

Whipped cream for decoration


First you need to prepare the chocolate syrup. For this, 50 grams of chocolate to smash, Continue reading

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