How to make hot chocolate dome

Hot chocolate is surprisingly tasty drink that is served today in almost any coffee shop. However, it is a pleasant and invigorating treat can be cooked at home. There are many recipes for hot chocolate, although the basis is unchanged: it is made of chocolate. How to prepare hot chocolate? Describe.

To make hot chocolate, to start, take regular chocolate and chop it. Easier just to chop the chocolate using a food processor. So when grinding the chocolate is not melted, you need to place the bowl of a food processor and blade for 20 minutes in the fridge, and only then can you start to work. In this case, the process should be no longer than 3 minutes.

Then, heat the chopped chocolate to a liquid state. You need a container of milk or cream you need to put in a water bath. Thus it is not necessary to wait until the liquid boils. In another container put the chopped chocolate, and add a few tablespoons of the hot liquid. Next step: Continue reading

Useful properties of the match

Match — this is a kind of healing chifir ‘ from green tea. Cultivated and we drink it is no coincidence, because of the match — a storehouse of useful vitamins and microelements. Our tea bushes grow in the shade, under a canopy, and because their leaves have more chlorophyll — the green substance (picture right), useful for our body a mass of antioxidants.

When we drink regular green tea, we throw away the tea leaves immediately after the meal; it’s like cook the spinach, throw it away and drink the resulting broth is the proportion of nutrients you get, but a good part of the nutrients will go to waste. But the match we drink in powder form, dissolved in the liquid, so throw out anything not necessary — we take

everything from tea!

sea of antioxidants

Our little superhero contains 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea! Incredible!

Their number may be measured by ORAC, which reflects the ability Continue reading

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