The caloric content of cocoa powder with milk, sugar

For people watching their figure, caloric beverages plays an important role. Cocoa – everyone’s favorite drink, familiar from childhood, not less popular than coffee. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of the drink, about the caloric content of cocoa powder and cocoa with various additives (e.g. sugar, milk).

The beneficial properties of cocoa

According to many nutritionists, cocoa twice reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This drink is a good source of micro and macronutrients, antioxidants. Cocoa has anti-stress properties and helps to relax the muscles and the formation of healthy and strong bones. The drink also helps prevent premature aging.

If you drink coffee in the morning and want to get rid of this bad habit, try to replace it with cocoa. This drink contains the substance theobromine, which is on the effects on the human body resembles a caffeine.

The caloric content of cocoa

So, what is the caloric content of the cocoa powder?

Cocoa is a high-calorie product: 100 g cocoa powder contains about 290 calories. You can measure the caloric content of cocoa powder in spoon:

1 teaspoon – 9 kcal;

1 tablespoon – 25 kcal.

The caloric content of cocoa with condensed milk: 100 g ready-to-drink contains 90 calories.

Cocoa on the water: 100 g ready-to-drink contains 55 calories.

The caloric content of cocoa with sugar: 100 g ready-to-drink contains 235 calories.

The caloric content of cocoa with sugar and cream: 100 g ready-to-drink contains 345 calories.

The caloric content of cocoa with condensed milk and sugar: 100 g ready-to-drink contains 321 calories.

Cocoa for weight loss

Imagine this high-calorie product can be used for weight loss. Almost immediately after consumption of cocoa occurs long the feeling of satiety (3-5 hours). Also, those who wish to lose weight, it will be interesting to see such ratios in the composition of the drink fat – 47% of calorie, protein – 34% calories, carbohydrates 14%. What turns out? But it turns out that cocoa can “boast” high carbohydrate.

In most diets appetite suppression occurs fraudulently, and thanks to cocoa, on the contrary, improves water, mineral, protein, and hormone metabolism. That is why a person gets a powerful burst of energy. Also due to the fact that the body lacks calories of cocoa, he has to expend existing fat stores, thus turning them into “fuel”.

In the composition of cocoa there is a substance called theobromine. It possesses anti-stress properties, and increases motor activity, allowing to stand the diet becomes much easier.

Contraindications to the use of cocoa

Unfortunately, not all cases cocoa useful. It is not recommended to drink for gout and kidney disease (excess purine bases leads to the accumulation of uric acid and deposition of salts). You should not consume the drink for constipation, as the tannins present in the composition of cocoa, will only worsen the situation.

Be careful should people suffering from atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Do not give this drink to children under 3 years: substance contained may have overly stimulating effect on the nervous system of the child.

The classic hot chocolate recipe


200 ml of milk;

2 tsp sugar;

2 tbsp hot water;

1,5 tsp cocoa powder.


Mix in a saucepan cocoa and sugar. Pour the hot water, stirring. Then put on medium heat and bring to a boil, continuing to stir. Pour the heated milk. A little turning the fire, warm up the mixture, but do not bring it to a boil. Remove from the heat. Whisk the drink with the help of a whisk until foaming (about 20 seconds). Ladle into warmed cups.

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