Protein-vitamin diet

Protein-vitamin diet is only for urgent slimming. Its essence is to reduce the energy value of the daily diet. In addition, the basis of protein-vitamin diet is the principle of separation of power. Proponents of this approach argue that if you do not combine proteins and carbohydrates, weight loss process will go much faster due to the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body.

Menu protein-vitamin diet

In the Internet you can find several variants of protein-vitamin diet, but professional nutritionists to them are irrelevant. Most likely, these

people’s diets summarize someone’s successful experience in losing weight. Protein-vitamin diet has become very popular after the broadcast transmission with Elena Malysheva, where TV presenter told how to lose weight in 2 weeks on protein-vitamin diet.

Option 1

Throughout the diet should alternate protein and vitamin days. That is 2 days you will have to sit only on the protein diet and the following 2 days on fruits and vegetables. Then again have to go back to meat eating and so on.

Menu protein days

For Breakfast eat 15 grams of low-fat cheese and four protein, toasted in a skillet without the yolks and oil.

For lunch, consume 120 grams of chicken breast with a sauce made from yogurt and mustard powder.

Dine on fish, chicken or meat, drink a Cup of beef broth.

In the afternoon, eat 100 grams of cheese or 100 g of cottage cheese.

For dinner, consume 180-200 g of oily fish – oily fish, trout or salmon.

Sample menu vitamin days

For Breakfast eat 300 grams of fruit salad made from any fruit or drink a smoothie out of these ingredients.

For lunch, consume a banana, a pear and an Apple .

Dine vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, corn, or cooked beans.

In the afternoon prepare smoothies from fruit or berries.

For dinner, consume a helping of stewed vegetables and eat a salad made with raw vegetables.

Option 2

This option is a strict mixed diet, and it is designed for 7-10 days.

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