Original and useful gift

Tea bouquet “Holiday”


Assembly time 1 hour

Diamert – 20 cm

It consists of:

Green tea Strawberry cream – 40g Black tea Soursop Green – 40g Black tea Morning East – 40g Black tea And xing Hong cha – 40gr Bank tea – 1pc Choco walnut – 1pc Choco pineapple – 1pc Choco with krupnikas – 1pc Choco with

orange – 1pc with

In the absence of any product can be replaced by equivalent in price and quality.

Modern girls, it’s not a huge surprise bouquets of flowers, stuffed rabbits or other soft toys, however, every man who wants to make a favorable impression on the lady with the original gift. And here comes an unusual gift – a bouquet of tea. This bouquet unlike the proverbial roses, able not only to lighten the mood of the beautiful half of humanity and profitable to allocate amongst its fans, but also has a purely practical value.

Bouquet of tea reflects the brightness and individuality of the giver, as well as highlights its practicality without compromising on romantic feelings. Imagine the surprise in the eyes of his beloved, when, having been invited for a Cup of tea, you will hand her a fragrant bouquet of tea leaves, carefully collected, dried and elegantly Packed! Indeed, the bouquet has the same properties as the usual bouquets of different colours, this bouquet exudes a pleasant smell, just a nice looking package, and upon contact with water, the tea leaves are budding like the young buds of roses, one but only. bouquet of tea will allow much longer to please your lady every time, brewing tea will remember you.

However, a bouquet of tea is suitable for the expression not only of romantic feelings. A well-chosen palette of different flavors from delicate floral to pungent green – will impress any gourmet. Bouquet of tea is a truly versatile gift, the content of which can be adapted to the specific taste of the person, and the use of different wrappers will allow you to collect as simply an arrangement for a business partner, and pale pink palette, designed for your lady.

Such gifts is not just a way to bring fleeting joy, but also to care about the person. Bouquet of tea will bloom beautiful garden in a teapot dear person and let him out of every Cup to get a taste of your love.

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