New old tea recipes

It is no secret that in the view of many people, tea is always seen in the image of a fragrant Cup of brewed leaves Golden or dark shade. But few know that this drink is not as boring and monotonous as it seems at first glance. And numerous recipes that tea can make an entire cookbook.

What combinations not man has invented over the centuries! They not only enrich the sense of taste, but also add to the beneficial properties of tea for more valuable quality.

The most common combination of tea with milk, honey or cream. Milk and cream give the tea a subtle sophistication, leaving a pleasant caramel

taste. The honey adds a subtle flavor and enriches the drink with essential vitamins.

The most pleasant combination — tea with different fruits and berries. These tea recipes are simple and easy to prepare at home. Just add the tea infusion Apple slices, cranberries or juice of ripe pineapples, tea and tea will turn into a fragrant, delicious and healthy drink! Depending on the purpose, you can add fruits and berries with a variety of useful properties, giving the tea value added weight. If the experiment has no desire or time, at the discretion of even the most discriminating gourmet tea, there are many ready like teas. They are either enriched with natural extracts of fruits and berries, or to have them freeze dried pieces in various combinations.

The most useful combination of tea with herbs. These recipes tea even more diverse and is also available for cooking at home. Drink options depend on personal taste and the purpose of use of some additives. The most famous tea with medicinal herb – mint tea. Who among us wouldn’t drink this divine drink? But if useful herbs at hand, it is possible to buy ready-made combinations of tea with herbs. A lot of them!

The most original combination – national tea recipe. Because each country has contributed to prescription the variety of this drink! And almost every tea has its original recipe. For example, Russian lemon tea, Indian Masala tea, Baku black tea with thyme and others. They also can prepare yourself at home or buy in ready-made form.

It’s simple and yet so complicated this magical beverage – tea.

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