How to make ice cream at home

It’s summer, it’s time for cold drinks and ice cream. Shops boarded their various varieties and types. You think that ice cream can only buy? No you can’t. You can make ice cream at home !

Of course for special fans have special adaptations «morozhennitsa». But it is quite possible to do without them. We offer 3 delicious and very simple recipe. Hurry to the kitchen to create and cook!

How to make ice cream at home: the 3 most simple recipe


We will need:

0.5 l cream 33-35%,

1 Bank of condensed milk (380 g),

50 ml of any fruit juice (better fresh of course) or mashed berries (raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, etc.).

Optionally, you can add nuts or chocolate (when you make ice cream at home, you can do any experiments with additives).

Whisk cream. to stop you need to stir them once they begin to thicken. It is very important not «presbyt». Add condensed milk, stir. Then add the juice, berries or other fillers. Popsicles pour into a container or mold, put in the freezer.

After two hours the form to get and mix the contents with a fork or whisk. Then return to the freezer until completely frozen. Instead of fruit juice, you can add mashed banana. Turns out very tasty banana ice cream .

Chocolate ice cream

We will need:

100 gr. chocolate (preferably dark)

3 tbsp sugar,

1/2 tbsp. milk

300 ml cream 35%.

Milk to warm on the fire, dissolve in it the sugar and chocolate chips. To give mass to cool completely.

Whisk the cream, stir in milk-chocolate, pour into molds and put in freezer until frozen.

Ice cream «Creme brulee»

We will need:

1 Bank of condensed milk (380 g),

500 ml cream 33-35%,

2 tablespoons of brandy.

This is probably the easiest recipe. Well, whip cream, mix with condensed milk, add the brandy. Mass pour into a container and place in the freezer. 1-1. 5 to get it and mix well. Then place in the freezer until fully frozen. You can water fruit ice cream, or chocolate syrup.

Remember that for making homemade ice cream, you need to set your freezer to the lowest temperature.

As you can see, to make ice cream at home is not difficult. Especially nice that it is made from natural products, without «chemical» additives. My favorite — banana ice cream for the first recipe.

Well, if, to make home-made chocolate and decorate them with your cold dessert, it was a long time in the freezer it will not be late!

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