Hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate is a delicious drink based on cocoa. Different countries use different recipes of cooking. For example, Europeans and Americans brewed from cocoa powder and milk. In Russia often use melted chocolate and milk. In some cases, the milk is replaced with plain water. In order to give the hot chocolate a more refined taste, add

vanilla, cinnamon or other spices.

First hot chocolate began to prepare the indigenous people of the tropics – the American Indians. This is not surprising because the cocoa beans have long grow in abundance on these lands. The interesting fact is that this drink was forbidden to eat the women and children. This is because its mandatory ingredient was alcohol. In addition, the Indians have added to their chocolate chili pepper and other spices. Hence the name of the drink “bitter water”, the language of the Aztecs-sounding as “chocolatl”. The chocolate was consumed extremely cold. The Indians brought hot chocolate to the shaman during their ritual ceremonies.

A few centuries later hot chocolate discovered the inhabitants of the countries of Europe, substantially changing the recipe. First of all, Chile was replaced by sugar. And, to make cocoa powder is better dissolved, the drink began to warm up. However, the chocolate was very thick and greasy. With the aim to make the drink, the recipe included milk. As a result hot chocolate became very popular. In the late eighteenth century many countries began to open the so-called chocolate salons that served this amazing beverage.

And today, hot chocolate is made in all parts of the world. Often the composition and concentration of the drink depend on the desires of the client. It is based on cocoa, milk or water, and sugar. Additional ingredients may serve as cinnamon, whipped cream or alcohol. To increase the density of the drink in it add the starch.

The most complicated recipe of hot chocolate use in Spain: the traditional ingredients, add honey, hazelnut, cinnamon, anise seeds, bark, sandalwood, rose and Cayenne pepper.

Composition and useful properties

Due to its composition hot chocolate has unique healing properties. It contains vitamins a, C, B1, D and E, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, flavonoids and antioxidants. It is proven that liquid hot chocolate contains significantly more nutrients than solid. This is because in the process of making chocolate bars loses many useful properties as a result of exposure to high temperatures.

Due to the high content of flavonoids hot chocolate are recommended as a prevention for cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Because flavonoids neutralize free radicals in the human body, as well as positively affect the condition of the blood vessels.

Also, this drink is an excellent remedy to fight depression, enhance mood and vitality.

Biologically active substances contained in the hot chocolate, increase efficiency, actively stimulate the brain and, importantly during the learning process, greatly improve memory.

Harm and contraindications

In the first place, it is not necessary to be fond of this drink for people suffering from diabetes or metabolic disorders and overweight.

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