Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate – creative dessert, which is not accurate, the correct ratio of ingredients. Try, experiment, and can find your own, unique taste and consistency of hot chocolate. But first, a bit about the main ingredient.

Cocoa beans extracted from the fruit of the cacao tree. Raw beans are fermented and dried, and then roasted.

After that cocoa beans are ground into cocoa nibs, separating the husk (cocoa Vella). Roasted and peeled cacao nibs thoroughly ground in special mills. So it turns out the cocoa powder.

Then cocoa mass when heated is separated into cocoa butter and cocoa powder. But not all, because cocoa powder is an important ingredient of chocolate.

Often found under the name “hot chocolate” drink of cocoa powder. I call this drink is just cocoa and love it. But the real hot chocolate, made from cocoa liquor.

The most difficult thing in this process is to find cocoa paste. But, as we added to our Soaps and cosmetics, always have in stock, the box is different.:) You can search for cocoa paste in stores eco-products, you can buy from us. in section Telekom. You can use tile cooking chocolate, when on the packaging to indicate at least 90% cocoa.

Then everything is very simple.

Usually I heat the cream (fat content of 10-20% to your taste, and milk), add cocoa paste and sugar, warming-up beat with a whisk. Used to do all this in a water bath, now got the hang of it and prepare hot chocolate in a big pot on the stove. Importantly, in this case, not a moment to stop stirring-beating.

As soon as I feel that the mass was homogeneous – immediately pour the chocolate cups. In the process, or individually to add any spices.

Recommended basic cream ratio 50%, cocoa mass 30%, sugar 20%. In grams (approximately) – 50 gr cocoa grated 165 g cream 30 g (1,5 STL) sugar. You will get quite thick and savoury, bitter, hot chocolate. You can make it a more liquid consistency. To do this, simply add in the process cream. And lightly whisk, whisk. Also, and sugar. Children are usually asked to make a sweeter, adults, on the contrary, rejoice distinct chocolate bitterness, which is not found in the beverage made from cocoa powder. But, as the heroine of the film “Anonymous romance”: “the Main thing in his chocolate bitterness. although the bitterness is more or less veiled, this is what distinguishes it from other sweets.”

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