Homemade liqueurs for Christmas holiday

New year is approaching and every woman thinks new year’s eve menu and selects their Christmas recipes . I am no exception. I already have a small menu, but not enough drinks. I already wrote about the warming drinks. and now offer you several recipes of liquors for the new year holiday.

Homemade liqueur Baileys

Of course, the Baileys liqueur can buy, but it’s interesting to cook. Moreover, it is quite simple. But if you, like me don’t like alcohol, then the alcohol can be added to taste.

To prepare homemade Baileys Liqueur we need:

4 eggs

0,5 teaspoons of almond extract (if any)

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

2 teaspoons chocolate syrup

2 teaspoons granulated coffee

1 Bank of condensed milk

1.5 Stena good vodka

Whipped cream for decoration


First you need to prepare the chocolate syrup. For this, 50 grams of chocolate to smash, add 1 tablespoon of milk and dissolve in a water bath. Use 2 teaspoons. But you can experiment and add more. Although below is another recipe liqueur with chocolate.

A simple version of cooking – stir all ingredients and beat with a mixer. And you can slightly complicate the process.

First mixer and whip the eggs and then dobavlyaty the rest of the ingredients. Finished homemade Baileys pour into bottles and store in the fridge for months. Although, can’t imagine how so yummy will be stored for a long time.

Before giving on a table to shake. But if you will serve for new year’s table, each glass can be decorated with whipped cream

and sweet biscuits tubule.

Cranberry liqueur

This liqueur cranberry juice can be replaced BlackBerry. But cranberry, first, useful, and secondly, I just can’t have, and in the liquor.

For cranberry liqueur we need:

1 Cup of vodka

0,5 teaspoons of almond extract (if any)

0.5 Cup fresh orange juice

0.5 cups of water

Mix the water and sugar and heat until the sugar has dissolved. Cool. Add remaining ingredients, mix and chill.

Warm chocolate liqueur

This liqueur can be served hot or warm, depending on your desire. But not cold. As the chocolate hardens and it is impossible to drink. And warm chocolate liqueur perfectly warm in the winter cold.


100 grams of vodka

100 grams of melted chocolate

200 ml hot espresso coffee

2 teaspoons sugar


To prepare espresso with sugar

Melt the chocolate

Mix all the ingredients together for 1 minute.

Pour into glasses and serve hot

Chill and serve cold.

For the filing of chocolate liqueur in the new year’s eve glasses can be decorated with cocoa powder. To do this, one small plate, pour a little vodka, and pour into another cocoa.

Dip the rim of the glass first in the vodka, then in cocoa and allow to dry.

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