Green tea benefits and harms

About the useful and harmful properties of Imperial drink: green tea as a rejuvenator

For the quality and excellent taste of this drink in the East is often called the Imperial. In the West its therapeutic and rejuvenating properties reflected in another name — “living water”. Today, many prefer green tea: the benefits and harms of this drink is still under review, are taken into account when consuming, widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Home application can not only toning and instill courage and strength: its properties do not end here. Prevention of many diseases, improve the condition of damaged hair and skin problem that can give miraculous green tea all dedicated.

About the benefits of Imperial beverage

Many mysteries fraught with Imperial beverage: is there caffeine in the green tea, as it affects the pressure, if he is not harmful for heart patients. To thoroughly explore all their beneficial properties, it will require years of laboratory research. At the present day, the value is known the following facts.

ascorbic acid makes the drink a natural antioxidant that prevents the destructive action of free radicals in the body.

chrome controls carbohydrate metabolism;

zinc renews and rejuvenates cells;

manganese promotes the absorption of other vitamins and restores bone;

selenium is needed for immunity.

The active substance

catechins are needed for eye health;

carotenoids also improve eyesight, fight free radicals;

Tocopherols help full functioning of various body systems;

polyphenols speed the metabolism and oxidize fat;

one such polyphenol is even used to combat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s;

caffeine tones and invigorates.

And other properties.

green tea lowers the risk of cancer and heart attack;

reduces cholesterol;

helps in diseases of the cardiovascular system;

useful with high physical loads, splitting fats.

It should be noted that not all useful properties of the drink known until the end. Still no subside disputes that is in relation to hypertension green tea: lowers or raises the pressure of its regular use. The presence of caffeine is a direct answer to this question, although there are some reservations. Its stimulating and tonic effect on the nervous system increases blood pressure, although only slightly. Given these properties of green tea, it should be careful hypertensive patients. And this, unfortunately, is not the only contraindication for Hobbies this divine drink.

Damage green tea

Because of the abundance of various substances in a small Cup of seemingly innocuous tea can be concealed and hidden threat to human health. Failure to observe contraindications can cause serious side effects. Do not get involved Imperial beverage in the following cases:

nervous exhaustion;

menstruation, lactation, pregnancy;



in unity with alcohol green tea can kick the health of the kidneys;

because the influence of green tea on the pressure — the question is still controversial, still it should be used with caution and take hypotensive, and hypertensive patients.

Competent, moderate consumption of green tea at home for the purpose of recovery and prevention of various diseases, including contraindications will be able to demonstrate the benefits of this amazing drink.

“Living water” in medicine: recipes

Beverage called tea, and so anyone who dared to rejuvenate and revitalize, therefore, must know how to properly brew green tea in order to extract maximum benefits from it.

Instructions for brewing

1. Ideal dosage: 2 grams of tea per 100 ml of water or a teaspoon — 150 ml.

2. Maximum brewing water temperature ranges from 81 to 87 °C. Minimum 61 to 69 °C.

3. The maximum brewing time is from 2 to 3 minutes. Minimum is 30 seconds.

4. You can’t brew green tea with boiling water for too long: it will be astringent and bitter.

5. First, the water must be drained, as if to wash the tea leaves and immediately pour the water again.

6. The beverage can be brewed several times: 3-4 and even more, depending on the tea.

7. Previously the capacity for brewing is heated, rinse it with boiling water, so as not to give the drink to cool.

8. The teapot is better to choose ceramic, porcelain or glass, but not metal and not plastic.

9. After each brewing kettle is better to cover with a towel.

Green tea with ginger

Green tea (5 g) pour boiling water (200 ml), infuse for 15 minutes. Drain. Grind the ginger, add the cinnamon (1-2 Gy), cloves (stick), cardamom (1-2 Gy). Mix with brewed green tea, simmer on low heat for about half an hour. Useful green tea with ginger can be drunk warm or cold. It promotes weight loss, cleanse the body and relieve fatigue.

Green tea for weight loss

It is not surprising that even in dietetics prized green tea calories to equal zero with no milk, sugar, honey and other additives. The very popular ten-day diet, suggesting low-calorie meals and passing the intake of green tea. Drink it after Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and in between. Brew need a Cup of weak tea without sugar. Times a day within the framework of such a diet in a Cup you can add 20 ml of milk or a teaspoon of honey.

Toning, firming, giving courage and strength, anti-aging, green tea may be not only a home first aid kit for the prevention of various diseases. Cosmetic bag — here is another very good place for this extraordinary product.

Green drink in the home of cosmetology

With the help of green tea at home, you can significantly improve the condition of damaged and oily hair, and also problematic, pigmented and aging skin. Masks, washing, rubbing and rinsing easily prepare and transform the appearance of the most amazing way.

Rejuvenating face mask

Crushed dry tea leaves of green tea (tablespoon) pour hot water (same quantity), mixed thoroughly, add the olive oil, cold pressed (incomplete teaspoon), medium-fat yogurt (one tablespoon), to thicken stir in flour. Mask smoothes wrinkles and gives the skin a natural color.

Ice cubes with green tea

Strong brewed green tea, pour it into moulds and leave in the freezer. Every morning, RUB ice cubes face.

Rinse for hair

A weak solution of green tea to rinse your hair after each shampooing. Curls become incredibly shiny, leaving oiliness and greasiness, brittle and split hair strands will gradually heal over time under the condition of regularity of the use of such palasciano.

Considering the benefits and harms of green tea for the human body, you can turn a drink into effective medical and cosmetic means. Health and youth, which he gives to people is the key to a beautiful appearance, which is so important to any woman. So it pays to review your drinking habits and to purchase this “living water” from the East.

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