Green tea benefits and bred

Green tea tones, strengthens the body and improves mood. The drink quenches thirst, promotes digestion and even reduces the subcutaneous fat.

The benefits of green tea

Due to its beneficial properties green tea has conquered the whole world, I love almost everything. Its miraculous therapeutic effect created a furor, and now green tea extract used even in cooking diet meals. Despite the benefits of green tea, no need to overdo it with the quantity.

How useful green tea? The secret of green tea is that it includes several

dozens of nutrients, due to which it has a positive effect on all organs and the body as a whole. It includes tannins, they provide green tea tart taste. These include tannins and catechins, they destroy the germs, helps to normalize digestion, strengthen blood vessels. Many people mistakenly believe that only in coffee is caffeine. In green tea it no less, so it is perfectly invigorates and gives you extra energy. Unlike coffee, green tea works gently and is not able to accumulate in the body. The drink has almost all the possible vitamins, one of the most important – P, he is responsible for the health of blood vessels. Also in the composition of tea there are proteins and amino acids that rejuvenate the body and affect metabolic processes. Green tea will not only improve the functioning of your nervous system, but also help to restore vision, especially for office workers, who spend most of their time in front of the monitor.

Damage green tea

Despite all the advantages and benefits of this beverage, green tea has contraindications. It is undesirable to drink if you have hypotension because it lowers pressure. Also it is worth to give it if you have a stomach ulcer. You can not drink green tea before going to sleep for those who suffer from insomnia, because it invigorates and you will not be able to sleep for several more hours. Tea increases the acidity, therefore, it is contraindicated in people who suffer from tachycardia colon. If you experience inflammation, increased body temperature and eliminate heat drink from the menu.

Green milk tea: harm

Despite the fact that the English drink tea with milk, this does not mean that such tea is beneficial. Tea and milk do not interact and the result is a dangerous mix, so don’t experiment and drink it in its pure form. Don’t forget that all should be the measure, the same applies to green tea. Maximum number of cups of green tea per day – 4. With frequent tea party in large numbers you will cause of kidney disease – in some cases, patients have even formed the rocks and sand. Also the overabundance of green tea affects the liver, so don’t over do it.

Not all properties of tea investigated fully, so we are waiting for many more discoveries. We know one thing –substances that are in this drink, are continually developing and changing, it happens even after processing and grinding. Agree, this is an amazing property – the tea in the brewing process allocates several times more substances that benefit the body. To bring you the most benefit, you will have to purchase them in safe places and to properly brew. Observing the correct technique of preparation and choosing high quality green tea, good health and good health you provided!

Green tea – a good cancer prevention. It reduces swelling and keeps the cells in complete integrity, they are not damaged.

Due to caffeine, drinking a Cup of green tea, you will feel the cheerfulness few hours. Tea acts much milder than coffee and not so much affect the pressure and heart function.

The drink has vitamins such as A, b, K, S. Even after treatment temperatures they are stored in tea leaves and tea provides the body with copper, potassium and iodine.

Green tea for weight loss

By regular consumption of green tea your body to get rid of all the harmful metals that have accumulated in your body for several years. The drink is really effective for weight loss, but only if you will follow the diet, eat right and exercise. If you have a lot to be lazy and drink green tea, the effect will not be exact.

Particularly effective for weight loss green tea with lemon or fresh ginger. These ingredients speed up the metabolism and improve the digestive tract.

To not drink tea with meals, only half an hour before meal or one hour after. You get to lose a few extra pounds, drinking three cups of the beverage a day.

Do not add a lot of honey tea, sugar should be avoided.

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