Green tea

All properties of green tea

Green tea has a huge range of useful properties. It strengthens and rejuvenates the body to fight several diseases, with it you can lose any excess weight, but also to cleanse the body of built up toxins. In ancient China it was believed that green tea may return to the warrior of a bygone power, and a woman of faded beauty.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Green tea for weight loss

If you take at least one Cup of green tea a day, in a year you can lose 4-5 pounds not adhering to any diet. This beverage speeds up the metabolism, which leads to the breakdown and removal of fat from the body.

There is a specially designed “tea diet”. In this diet except green tea (6-7 cups of weak tea a day), it is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables. Resolved boiled meat and fish and eggs and cereal. Sweet forbidden except honey and dried fruit. Forbidden fat, and fried foods rich in starch. The diet lasts for 2-3 weeks, it can hold no more than 1 time a year.

The benefits of green tea for women and men

Green tea is very good both for men and for women. He just created in order to prolong youth and beauty. When taking green tea improves the structure of hair, teeth and skin, reduced weight, cleanses the body, increases vitality and relieves swelling.

Rinse thoroughly green tea oily hair, it will dry them and give them volume and Shine. In vascular veins on the face, can be reduced by using a mask of chilled weak welding, which is applied 1 time per day.

Women would benefit from taking green tea with the addition of mint, it leads to normal hormones that will affect the condition of the urogenital system. Drink it to relieve pain during menstruation and to improve well-being during menopause .

For men green tea with mint is contraindicated . as it reduces the level of testosterone, resulting in reduced sexual excitability.

Green tea and its effect on the liver and kidneys

It is known that green tea Wellness affects some organs of digestion, including the liver and kidneys. One of the main properties of the drink is to cleanse the body of toxins. Plus, he has an amazing ability to lower cholesterol and speed up metabolism that leads to weight loss and improving the work of the digestive system. These effects on the body in the aggregate, beneficially affect the liver, purifying it. In addition, this kind of tea has a diuretic effect that has a positive effect on the cleansing of the kidneys and quickly eliminates puffiness.

How to brew green tea

To drink brewed correctly, it is necessary to boil water and wait 2 minutes. Then you can brew the tea. The temperature of the brew water should not exceed 85 degrees, otherwise most of the nutrients from the tea will disappear. Infuse the tea leaves must be at least 5 minutes. Drink the beverage with sugar is not recommended.

The drink goes well with milk, honey, lemon, cinnamon, and other useful plants. This not only improves the taste, but also can prevent some diseases.

tea with milk take for the prevention of nervous disorders, as a diuretic and General tonic.

tea with honey helps with runny nose and colds. diseases of the digestive system, removes waste and toxins.

ginger tea take for weight loss, in the treatment of influenza and colds, to improve digestive processes, and to lower cholesterol.

Jasmine tea is used for cancer prevention and as a tonic.

mint tea take for migraines and colds it also lowers the level of male hormones in the body.

tea with Melissa drink to calm the nervous system, insomnia. to improve the appetite and calm the muscle spasms.

When receiving a drink, remember that welding is not stored more than a day, but the benefits only freshly brewed tea.


Buy tea only need good quality and in specialty stores. Use cheap tea, packaged in bags, no, because they are Packed only tea of poor quality, or if the raw material was stored in inappropriate conditions.

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