Ginger tea for weight loss with recipes

Ginger is not only widely known Oriental spices, giving a spicy taste to the dishes, but also a wonderful therapeutic tool.

This plant contains a huge amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and containing in its composition of essential oil promotes blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, allowing the ginger, along with a quick diet

has been widely used in the fight against excess weight.

Indications for use

Most often ginger tea is used not for weight loss, but to maintain the body in good shape, as well as for preventing and fighting colds.

This drink has the following useful properties:

☀ uplifting, body tone, clarifies thoughts;

☀ increases appetite and accelerates metabolism;

☀ allows you to perceive the taste of food is much brighter, so prized among lovers of a varied diet;

☀ improves circulation, and therefore, improves the complexion, skin and hair.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, ginger tea is an ideal means to maintain the body in a healthy condition. In part, this is the reason for the high popularity of ginger. Including as a means for getting rid of excess weight.

How and how much to drink ginger tea

Ginger tea for weight loss should be taken half an hour prior to meals if you want to reduce appetite and accelerate metabolism. Don’t go overboard with the amount of ginger drink.

Should drink no more than 100 ml in one go. You can also take ginger tea every two hours at 100 ml per day.

We should not forget the fact that ginger has a strong tonic effect, and therefore it is better to take it in the morning.

The use of ginger tea for the human body

So, what to expect from a ginger tea?

According to nutritionists, this Eastern drink:

☀ stimulates circulation, respectively, the cells and tissues get all the nutrients in full, no stagnation of toxins and cholesterol;

☀ speeds up the metabolism, which means that the fat will not have time to get stuck in the body, actively assimilating body;

☀ due to the high content of essential oils, ginger tea stabilizes the imbalance of acidity in the intestines and stomach, stopping them in any putrefaction, which can also provoke the deposition of fat;

☀ provides the body with different vitamins (A, C, 1 . 2 ), amino acids (threonine, phenylamino, Leysin, valine and methionine) and trace elements (iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and potassium), so lack of these substances of losing weight the body will not feel;

☀ reduces total cholesterol in the blood, which plays an important role in problems of weight gain;

☀ causes cells to two times faster updated.

How to make tea with ginger

How to brew ginger tea to benefit from it? For this purpose it is necessary to know only a few simple rules and guidelines:

Don’t forget, after the drink is present, be sure to drain.

If you like honey, add it only in the warm drink, otherwise the boiling water will destroy all of its healing properties.

Ginger try to slice as thin as possible, so tea faster brewing, but also using its reasonable doses, one root will be enough for quite a long time.

You can add a piece of ginger and the usual green or traditional black tea. This way of using ginger root also has a positive effect on the entire body and promotes rapid burning of fat.

If every time before eating food, you will drink a Cup of ginger infusion, during meals appetite will be much smaller, respectively, and the amount of food eaten also significantly reduced. And with the decrease in food will decrease and your pounds.

Recipes for ginger tea

The easiest

Put in a thermos thinly sliced piece of ginger root and pour boiling water. Give a little bit of the infusion and drink it throughout the day whenever you want, but if you sit still and dieting, then half an hour before meals.

Ginger tea for weight loss with garlic

To obtain one liter of this therapeutic tea, you should take ginger root 1 tbsp and 1 clove of garlic. Chop them and pour boiling water, put in a thermos of tea. Leave to infuse for a short time. Then to get our tea brew.

This ginger tea for weight loss to use during a day.

Ginger and lemon

The ginger should be cut into thin strips, then cover with cold water. The mixture bring to boil on low heat, then cook for 15 minutes.

The resulting beverage should be allowed to cool to a temperature of 37 degrees. Before use, add to taste lemon juice and honey.


This recipe ginger tea with herbs you can drink to anyone who wants to lose weight and look really young. This tea helps to rid the skin from swelling, acne and wrinkles.

Take two teaspoons:


flowers of cornflower


the petals of a red rose

anise seed

lemon zest

To them add one tea spoon:

Plus three teaspoons dry ground ginger.

You turned a collection, want to brew tea in a thermos to 4 tablespoons to 1 liter of water. You need to drink 3 times a day for a whole glass.

Ginger and cinnamon

Throw in a thermos of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and ginger for weight loss. Add honey. Brew the mixture liter of boiling water and leave overnight.

Morning beverage you can drink.

Recipes ginger drink for weight loss

Ginger with carrot and orange juice

Very tasty drink served with ice. Great for the summer. Ginger with carrot and orange juice will be more to promote weight loss.


5 pieces of carrots

1 tbsp root ginger

1 tablespoon of natural honey

0.5 Cup fresh orange juice


Wash the carrots and slice into pieces. Also slice the peeled ginger and place it along with the carrots in a blender. Grind all to a state of mashed potatoes. Add a Cup of boiling water and steep for 20 minutes.

Strain the drink, add honey and orange juice. Serve with ice. This recipe also makes one serving.

Cleansing drink for weight loss

Prepare the ginger drink for weight loss can be together with healthy herbs – a combination of these ingredients will yield tangible results for: will have a slight diuretic effect, it will give strength and vigor, will provide vitamins for the day, and will also cleanse the body.

Take one teaspoon of green tea, herbs Senna and buckthorn bark, brew in a thermos about a liter of water. After you add a tablespoon of grated ginger, let steep for an hour or two.

This broth will be especially good for days of fasting, your body will cleanse itself of harmful substances. The only thing this tea has a mild laxative effect, so use the recipe is best on weekends.

Ginger tea for weight loss – contraindications

And yet, no matter how wonderful ginger tea for weight loss, but it has its limitations and contraindications. Therefore pay attention to the specifics of this drink is that its use has not brought you more grief than good.

Ginger tea really is a great tool for weight loss. But if there is a disease such as a gallstone or kidney stone disease . and especially ulcerative lesions of the stomach . we will have to refuse the drink, because ginger root because of its somewhat sharp taste is very undesirable for consumption by persons suffering from problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, it is not recommended the use of ginger tea for people with cardiovascular disease .

And, of course, disagree with this drink for nursing mothers . because the somewhat sharp taste of ginger root can make milk sharp and bitter taste, resulting in the baby will refuse to feed. And what could be more important than the health of the baby. So, dear moms who want to return their forms, bear with me, let the kid grow up, and tea is still time to bring you a lot of benefits when you go to artificial feeding.

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