Ginger tea for colds, depression, and weight loss

Properties of ginger tea depend on the amount that You apply. Generally use 1 teaspoon to 1 Cup of boiling water. Netivot 20-30 minutes, but the taste. With honey to drink

it more enjoyable. Use 3 to 4 times a day (3-4 teaspoons of powder), is no longer recommended.

Ginger tea for colds – the right tool to help recover faster. Ginger will facilitate the separation of mucus, soothe a cough, and from the hot liquid will be irritation in the throat.

The recipe for ginger tea: 0.5 liters of water You will need:

1. Fresh ginger root (3-4 cm). Ginger powder is not recommended to take, as the tea is not so good and muddy.

2. Cardamom – 2 pods

3. Dash of cinnamon (optional)

4. teaspoon of green tea without additives

5. 3 hours lodges. flower honey (can be more)

6. Cloves (optional)

7. half a lemon

Brewed green tea as usual and insist 5 minutes, then filter. Tea (no tea leaves) pour into the pan of stainless steel, add the cardamom, finely chopped ginger root, cinnamon, cloves. Bring to the boil. On low heat cook for another 20 minutes. Then add the honey and lemon (first squeeze the juice out of it, and then throw in the pan the remains of the lemon with the skin). Cook for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and insist tea 15 minutes – 20. Then using a strainer, pour the tea from the pot in a convenient container. Tea can be drunk both cold and hot. Optionally, you can add finely chopped fresh mint. Ginger tea is supposed to be amber-yellow color.

Grate fresh ginger on a fine grater or sprinkle a half-teaspoon of dried ginger along with welding. Tea is brewed in a teapot, but it is possible and in a thermos. Leave for 20-30 minutes, drain. A short heat treatment preserves the beneficial properties of ginger. Such tea is very useful: it not only has a pleasant fresh taste and aroma, but also helps with cough, invigorating. Ginger is a known antioxidant, therefore the use of a Cup of this tea a day may be considered as an element of struggle for clean radiant skin without wrinkles and good health at any age.

Ginger tea ( cold & depression)


* Boiling water

* Tea leaf (can be any, but preferably green),

* Ginger,

* You can also:

* Honey (in tea with ginger in very small quantity, a little bit. ),

* Red pepper (spicy) or Chile.

In India ginger tea with lemon is the most popular winter drink. By the way, recommend You also to try to brew slices of ginger: 10-20 grams per Cup. Add some mint, lemon balm or other herbs, a little lemon to taste and you get the perfect drink that tones and invigorates much better in the morning than coffee.

Drink with ginger. Ingredients: 1.2 litres of water, 3 tbsp of grated ginger, 5 tbsp honey, 4 tbsp lemon or orange juice, 2 tbsp of fresh mint.

Preparation: boil water, add ginger, honey and stir. Strain through a sieve, trying to squeeze out ginger the maximum amount of liquid. Add a pinch of black pepper and the juice. In the end, add a little fresh mint. Is used hot.

Ginger tea for weight loss

Teaspoon minced fresh ginger root, pour a glass of boiling water, add a teaspoon of honey and a lemon slice. This drink includes three flavors – spicy, sour and sweet and shows those with all the body flows slowly and only fat accumulates quickly.

The rhizome of ginger contains essential oil, the main components of which: gingerol and shogaol – compounds that give ginger its spicy, pungent taste. Both substances increase the blood flow and warms from the inside. As a consequence, stimulates digestion and metabolism.

The recommended amount of ginger tea for weight loss

A large thermos (about 2 liters). Tea is best brewed in the morning. Pour into a thermos and enjoy a Cup of tea during the day. If you eat before eating – blunts hunger.

The use of garlic to enhance the effect of weight loss

You can cook with ginger and garlic. This way You can quickly get rid of extra pounds. for a large 2-liter thermos: 1 ginger root the size of a plum (about 4 cm) and 2 cloves of garlic. Clean the ginger and cut into thin slices. Pour the 2 liters of boiling water and leave to infuse. After removing the ginger and garlic. Anyone who does not like garlic, can drink tea without garlic.

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