Ginger tea – a recipe by rose

Ginger tea — the recipe with rose hips

Prepare useful drink any time of the year – ginger tea. Recipe with rose hips and honey!

Ginger tea – the benefits and harms

Just listed, why to drink ginger tea:

1. Perfectly tones, invigorates.

2. Promotes weight loss as ginger improves digestion.

3. It is proved that gingerol – a substance that is contained in ginger, improves circulation and accelerates the metabolism.

4. Useful for colds.

Ginger tea during pregnancy

Whether pregnant ginger tea? Dear future moms! Don’t look for the answers to this question on the Internet, if you value your baby! The ginger is very much against this. What can one categorically forbidden to others.

Here is a small list, when you can’t drink ginger tea:

1. Chronic liver disease, gallstone disease.

2. High pressure, sudden pressure changes.

4. Irritation and rashes on the skin.

6. Individual intolerance of ginger and other components that are part of the tea.

If unknown to science “doctor” on the women’s boldly claims that ginger tea during pregnancy can and should be, close this page forever =) Only a consultation with your personal physician!

Cooking ginger tea:

How to brew ginger tea

Ginger root peel and cut into plates with a thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm.

Brier, wash. Fresh rose crush with a knife, dried rose hips – crack clippers.

Fold the ginger and rosehips in a thermos or kettle.

Pour the boiling water and tightly close the lid of the thermos.

If you brew in the kettle, cover and tightly wrap the tea towels. To retain more heat, kettle, additionally you need to wrap in foil then a towel).

Before use, strain tea is better to get rid of prickly hairs rose hips, add honey to taste. Tea turns a beautiful amber color.

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