Food processors Kenwood

Kenwood KHH326 MultiOne WH

Weight: 5.28 kg

Size (cm): 29.0 x 24.7 x 40.0

Bowl size (total): 4.3 litres

Capacity – cake: 1.6 kg

Capacity – dough: 500g

Capacity – egg whites: 8

The volume of flour confectionery. 450 g

Color: white

When it comes to cooking – MultiOne becomes a single solution for all. RUB, beat, mix.

Mix easily

Three separate nozzles for bowls simplify cooking cakes and bread.

Mix up the batter for the cake in seconds thanks to the unique K-shaped nozzle which reaches all parts of the bowl

Whisk a protein with a specially designed spherical halo

Knead the perfect dough with a special nozzle-hook, which will take all the hard work

Cooking without the hassle

Kitchen machine MultiOne is completed with a wide spectrum of additional tips that can make cooking easy and fast. Chop the vegetables in seconds with a food processor with stainless steel knife and 3 discs for slicing, grating and shredding. Quickly and easily prepare smoothies or fresh juices with juicer and glass blender. Or cook fresh burgers and hot dogs with the nozzle-grinder.

For the whole family

With a powerful 1000W motor and bowl with a volume of 4.3 liters you can easily feed the whole family.

Easy to use

Your entire family will be able to easily participate in the cooking process due to the simplicity of using the kitchen machine. With a simple lift system, splashguard, soft starting and intelligent control system speed, gradually increasing speed – your Desk will stay clean.

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