Description fireweed medicinal properties

Now the grass is called fireweed has such a wide distribution, as in the old days. When the rust was not yet familiar to modern man tea this aromatic drink prepared from ordinary field plants, and even supplied the dried raw material to the Emperor. Another name for fireweed-fireweed. Its dried leaves and used to prepare a hot beverage, and from young shoots cooked soups. Fresh roots were used in salads and other dishes instead of cabbage, made from dried flour.

The amazing properties of fireweed

This plant truly universal. To find it easily enough on every meadow or in

the field. Just look for the grass with bright colors as pictured. The peculiarity of the drink made from the leaves of this plant, is that it can be brewed once and even drink cold for several days. Fireweed does not lose its beneficial properties, but does not absorb harmful substances from the soil.

In what is its use?

In Ivan-tea a lot of ascorbic acid, which is also called “vitamin of youth”. In addition, in the stems and leaves contain a huge range of trace elements that exist not in any plant with medicinal properties.

With regular use dried plants instead of the usual tea, perfectly strengthens the immune system and increases the tone of the entire body, bringing him toxins.

For colds decoction of willow-herb is used to reduce fever, purify the blood, restoring force.

Receiving infusion or concoction helps people with cancer and reduces toxication of the body.

Ivan-tea is very useful for men because it increases male potency. Perhaps it is better to replace your usual drink from the package on the dried leaves of this plant.

According to legend, tea from leaves of fireweed preferred to brew hunters and Wanderers. This is not surprising, because it contains a lot of protein, which is quickly and easily absorbed and gives a lot of energy.

People suffering from inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract, will also be useful to use decoctions of this plant. Substance contained envelop the walls of the stomach and intestines, and stabilize the work.

For those who are constantly in a state of stress, will also be useful to drink this tea. He has a calming effect and reduces anxiety. Also it is recommended to drink regularly with migraines.

It strengthens the hair roots and prevents hair loss. Sometimes tinctures are used as a styptic.

How to brew herbal tea

Since special prohibitions for use of fireweed no, except for individual intolerance, and its beneficial properties have been proven by numerous historical facts, here are some recipes for brewing this tea. However, people in the know warn that to use it for a long time and in too large quantities, as may begin diarrhea.

The first recipe

A tablespoon of dried herbs, pour a glass of hot water. Stand for fifteen minutes and then pass. Adults are advised to take twice a day thirty minutes before morning and evening meal. Used tea about a month, then you need to take a break for the same term. Children will be sufficient tablespoon of tincture.

The second recipe

Two tablespoons dried fireweed pour a glass of water and boil for fifteen minutes over a slow fire. Then infuse for half an hour and strain. This tincture even adults are recommended to take only a tablespoon three times a day with food.

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