Coffee and cocoa in the children’s menu

Scientists have not come to a conclusion – good or bad this aromatic drink. However, parents have to it’s traditionally cautious attitude. And rightly so.

To date, we have studied less than half of its coffee 2000 different substances. The main one, as in tea, is caffeine. About how this substance can affect the child’s body, we have already spoken. Moreover, the concentration of caffeine in coffee is that can cause an adverse reaction even in the adult.

But the most dangerous substance present in coffee – benzpyrene. This product of incomplete fat oxidation is a proven carcinogen.

But the nutrients in coffee, not so much. this is primarily vitamins a, D and e and minerals such as manganese, iodine, magnesium and phosphorus.

Coffee can be given only to children. the age of adolescence, when they can be called the children with a fair degree of conditionality. However, if the child is clamoring coffee like mom”, you can offer him coffee drink. Not lately became fashionable decaffeinated coffee and coffee substitutes based on chicory or wild roses. If the baby is not allergic to the plant from which the prepared coffee substitute, this drink will be not only harmless, but also beneficial for the child. Herbs that go, will help normalize appetite, adjust the intestinal flora, stimulate the immune system (if it is a rose), or to balance the nervous system (if it’s chicory).

Coffee drink can be given to children from the age of two.

Cocoa in the children’s menu

This sweet treat is firmly settled in the menu of children’s institutions. And this has its reasons. In cocoa very little caffeine, it has such a pronounced stimulating properties like tea and coffee.

Cocoa powder is rich in protein, fiber and vitamins. Especially in folic acid. In cocoa a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are necessary for building cell membranes and can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Rich cocoa powder and minerals: there are many things necessary for a growing body of iron, zinc, which is a part of most enzyme systems of the human body.

In addition, cacao contains fenilefilamin, which has antidepressant properties..

We should not forget that cacao is very high in calories. That is why it is carefully recommended for children who are prone to excessive weight. But baby astenikiv, as well as children who are prone to anemia, cacao, by contrast, will be very useful.

And of course, very careful to offer cocoa have children suffering from some form of food Allergy.

Cocoa can be given to children older than two years. It is best to offer it for Breakfast (especially it will be by the way, if in the morning the child does not eat) or in the afternoon after NAP. As a dessert to offer to cocoa honey with dried fruits.

To prepare this delicious drink is very simple: in 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder to pour a glass of hot milk, bring to a boil and add sugar to taste.

Of course, all arguments about the beneficial properties of cocoa touch only natural cocoa powder, not soluble equivalents.

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