Coffee and Cocoa from the Dominican Republic

Dominican coffee

Very sweet and very strong. It is served in a small Cup of espresso with sugar, because the coffee is so strong that it can “get the eye” until you get used to it, but the real Dominican connoisseurs say that the dilution of the coffee sugar takes its natural taste. Also, many Dominicans like coffee with milk. In the Dominican Republic there is no specific time of day to drink coffee, it can be offered at any time of the day.

A distinctive feature of Dominican coffee is an extremely high quality of even the most simple and affordable national brand.

No need to look for the word Premium on the packaging or a mark of quality of export products, to buy high-quality coffee, as in some other countries-manufacturers of coffee, where the crop is intended for export only, and the locals get the rest.

Dominican coffee is well-deserved source of national pride and drink it all. The rejection of the proposal safecito regarded as impolite at best, and sometimes not at all Patriotic!

In the Dominican Republic, a simple Cup of coffee is able to cross all barriers of class, rich and poor, this drink is equally revered and appreciated as in the richest mansions and poor rural shacks. One possible explanation for such a passion for coffee among the poor can be a property of caffeine to suppress hunger.

Dominican Cacao

Cocoa is one of the main agricultural products of the Dominican Republic. The country is among the ten largest cocoa exporter in the world, thanks to high quality organic and traditional varieties of cocoa. Cocoa plantations in the country stretches for miles, especially in the northeast near San Francisco de Macoris.

The cultivation of organic cocoa began in the 80-ies of the 20th century, and today the cocoa grown in the Dominican Republic, is considered the best organic cocoa in the world. Organic cocoa is grown on clean land without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This environmental cocoa is processed using the same fermentation procedure, and cocoa beans. In addition, semi-manufactures such as organic cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and chocolate.

With a Cup of cocoa, you will notice how your spirits rise. The thing is that its part of a natural antidepressant — phenylethylamine. Cocoa is capable of charging your energy in the morning, let the caffeine content in it is not as large as in coffee. In cocoa contains protein, vitamins, zinc, iron and folic acid (very useful and necessary during pregnancy).

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