Cocoa contains Kakakhel


At the annual Convention of the American experts in cardio-sosudistym diseases in Chicago in November 2006 there was a report that the biologically active compounds found in natural cocoa powder, reduce the agglutination of platelets.

Cacao powder coated “Gold label”

Good news for all lovers of cocoa was the news that the “Red October” at the end of 2009 was re-launched production line of natural cocoa powder . a favorite of connoisseurs of this useful and amazing drink under the brand name “Gold label” .

Unlike their “high-tech brethren” (surrogates cocoa) with a huge number of chemical ingredients, natural cocoa powder is not only a delicious beverage that really give us energy for the whole day, but also a valuable diet food product having a number of “complex” positive effects on the human body .

Raw material for the production of this cocoa powder is cocoa beans — seeds (fruit) of the cacao tree . native to tropical areas of the globe.

The chemical composition of cocoa

The cocoa bean contains large amounts of substances, some of them very valuable (about 300 different substances). The most important are: anandamide, arginine, dopamine (a neurotransmitter), epicatechin (antioxidant), histamine, magnesium, serotonin (neurotransmitter), tryptophan, phenylethylamine, a polyphenol (antioxidant), tyramine and salsolinol .

The antidepressant effect is primarily serotonin, tryptophan and phenylethylamine . It is not excluded and the synergistic effect of these substances. The approximate chemical composition of cacao following:

54,0 % fats

11,5 % protein

9,0 % cellulose

2.6% of minerals and salts

2,0% organic acids and flavoring substances

1,0 % sugars

0.2% caffeine.

The beneficial properties of cocoa beans

Cocoa beans contain substances from the group of flavonoids . Similar components are present in red wine, grapes, and some other products. They are extremely good for the heart and blood vessels .

Newly opened in cocoa epicatechin due to its impact on health caused a real sensation. Harvard University Professor Norman Hollenberg opened as a result of research the positive effects of cocoa on human rights. He found that epicatechin can reduce the incidence of four of the five most common diseases in Europe ( stroke, myocardial infarction, cancer, and diabetes ) by almost 10 %. He compared existing medical findings data on causes of death in Kuna Yala (Autonomous region on the East coast of Panama, formerly San Blas), whose population is actively using cocoa, and the adjacent mainland of Panama for 4 years (2000–2004).

Opinion of the scientific community on this issue is ambiguous . Despite the found a statistical link between health and the use of cocoa, this discovery can be questioned due to different life conditions of the studied populations. Further research is needed.

Scientists from münster University, discovered a new substance in the composition of cocoa, contributing to the growth of skin cells and thereby the healing of wounds, smoothing wrinkles and reducing the risk of stomach ulcers. This substance has received the name “Kochel” .

Interesting “chocolate” facts

July 11 — world chocolate day (World Chocolate Day) . Day of chocolate was first invented by the French in 1995.

In the USA you cannot buy chocolate egg “surprise”, as there is a law prohibiting to put inedible objects in food.

From OOO “Red October”: due To the fact that during the absence of the original . the market navodnili counterfeit products, we took on a new pack “window”. The rest of the packaging design cocoa powder “Gold label” remains the same. By phone free “hot” line . 8 800 200 55 99 . qualified specialists of our Call-center will answer your questions, and will also take requests and suggestions, as to the operation of the holding.

If you love cocoa, but I can’t afford it “allow” because of high blood sugar (diabetes or other disorders of carbohydrate metabolism in the body), try changing it to a drink made from carob. He certainly is not an adequate substitute for cocoa, but very similar in taste and does not require added refined sugar because it is sweet by nature. To read about the properties of the sweet powder of the fruit (beans) of carob here: “the carob is a healthy substitute for chocolate” .

Attention! When you first place an order in our store, please refer to the terms of employment of the store “Diamart” .

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